View Full Version : Alter the drop rate on Desert Outdoor Area Item Shards

05-21-2010, 09:49 AM
After having run a gadzillion DQ raids and quests it is pretty obvious the hardest shards to get are the shards from the Desert Outdoor areas Items. In the quests generally a shard will drop from an item that is found within that quest when you pull a shard at least about 50% of the time. In the DQ raid when you pull a shard you have a 50% chance of getting a raid item shard and a 50% chance of getting a shard from any of the quests items or the outdoor area items. The problem is the odds of getting an outdoor area item shard in the DQ raid is about 16% when you actually pull a shard so its something like 4% chance that an individual has of getting a desert area outdoor item shard in the DQ raid. I have not seen shards like the two bows, spell storing ring, bloodstone, robe of fire, Xuum, etc. drop in a very long time.

A proposal to change this system is to not drop the quest item shards (example are spectral gloves (offering), adherents pendant (wiz king), etc.) in the DQ raid and just have outdoor area or raid item shards drop in the DQ raid itself. Have the same system for the quests themselves just drop outdoor area and items from that quest itself.