View Full Version : An extension to the chimera items (more collectibles crafting)

05-18-2010, 12:43 PM
If recipes aren't forthcoming for all those other collectibles that dont have recipes yet.

Why not combine the random drop with some in-mission rare drops, and collectibles put together to make the item. So you unraven the lost enchantments and also boost it in a particular direction with a collectible.

Maybe the third tier collectible can choose ONE of the abilities on the final item.

for example.
3x Necromantic Gems: Weapon: Shadowpulse : On a critical this deals 1d6 extra negative energy damage for 2x crits, 2d6 for 3x crits, 3d6 for 4x crits. Wearable: Negative energy absorption 25%

Elemental Ingot: Add random 1d6 of any element to weapon strikes (random each strike)

3x Planar Talisman: Add dc 15 banishment on vorpal hit to weapon.

How about a collectible as a rare spell ingredient you can "enhance" certain spells with.

Maybe 1 action point to change Stinking cloud (only when you have the component)

Vial of Contagion: Cast stinking cloud and the cloud will also cause poisoning and disease to those failing their fortitude save.

Intact Fingerbone: Cast bane and cause -1 to all saves, and -2 to hit instead of the normal effect.

Crystal Decanter: Fascinated creatures are sometimes charmed by hypnotism and hypnotic pattern.

Lush Cryptmoss: Cure light, medium, serious , critical wounds spell also cause a lesser restoration effect and a divine healing effect.

Shamanic Totem: Summon monster III now summons a GREATER hellhound.

Tear of vulkoor: Poison spell affects all creatures in 10' radius.

Stellar orb: Sunburst spell has twice the area of effect.

Lost songs of Cyre: Bard song also negatively affects surrounding enemies as it buffs friendly creatures. (uses up book when 1 song is sung)

Icon of Khyber:

Executioner Beetle:

Flowering Hellscap

Amulet of the Archbishop

Flowering Spore pod

Sanguine Moth:

Ritual Atheme:

Alchemist's Chapbook: