View Full Version : UK player seeking a Mature Guild.

05-17-2010, 08:59 AM
Hey all, I am seeking an 18+/21+ mature, English speaking guild, which has plenty of people on during EU/UK playing times. This could be a US guild with a larger playerbase on at all hours, or a specifically European guild.

I am Level 7, fairly new, but with a reasonable understanding of the game mechanics, I have been progressing fine. I feel guilds are the next logical step up for me, so if you have people on during the EU/UK playing times please get in touch.

I sometimes zerg to level solo when I know the layout, but I am happy at any casual or fast pace in a group, and usually just move at the healers and/or tanks pace. If I don't yet meet a level requirement you have, then by all means let me know what you require, and I might well contact you when I do. Roleplaying requirements are fine, as long as I know upfront what channels are expected to be IC/OOC.

Thanks for reading.