View Full Version : Hypnotism Vs Sleep

05-16-2010, 09:51 PM
Lets face it, sleep doesnt even work at the level you get it, It's one of those things in this game thats been copied from pnp, has needed changing forever but still has been ignored.

Hypnotism in Pnp Has this as a description:


Note th2 2d4 limitation, we dont have this in ddo, which is a good thing. It's heightenable and usable right through to the end of the game.

Sleep though is not so lucky, it has it's limitation still and doesnt even function well at the levels it's meant to work.

My suggestion is to do this:

Hypnotism: fast cast, creatures can act soon as hit
Sleep: Slow cast, slow cooldown, bigger area of effect: creatures get critical hit for the first hit and take a few seconds to act as they wake up (and lag in waking up as normal)

So sleep here is more powerful that hypno, but comes with the slow cast and slow cooldown drawnback.

The question just comes now, how deep slumber a level 3 spell should be different from the first level sleep. Possibly they have a harder time waking even when critically hit, so you might get 1-2-3 swings in (criticals as if they were held) before they awaken.

Any comments?