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05-16-2010, 06:53 PM
I looked for a suggestions section of the forum and did not see one so I hope I have placed this thread in the proper forum.

I would like to offer up a suggestion for an improvement to the current UI.

It would be a great feature to be able to define equipment sets.

An example of this feature being useful:
You want to switch between sets of items based on the role you are going to play in a given party or situation.
It would be proper for this equipment change to be based on how much changing is going on.
A progress bar to change your equipment configuration.

Taking this a step further, something that would be one of a kind and very "next gen" so to speak, would be to designate certain items to be worn in a given location, in a way that a message would pop up (have an item in the options UI panel to toggle the popup message on or auto accept), asking you if you would like to switch to your items because you are entering a given area.

An example of this feature being useful:
You have a haggle item that you only equip when you are selling things.
Whenever you enter a town or talk to a NPC vendor, the game would know to equip your haggle item automatically. Therefore it would ask you if you would like to equip it, or if the option was set to Auto Accept, it would automatically equip your haggle item. Then when you leave the given environment, heading back to a combat area, the game would switch your equipment back to it's combat set.

I can't count how many times I go sell items to a NPC and after clicking Sell realize that I had failed to equip my haggle item.

I'm sure this system would find many uses and add a very cool functionality to the UI of DDO.