View Full Version : DDM's Realm Update 4.1 - Video!

05-16-2010, 04:52 PM

Hey all! Hope your questing is going well and the loot gods are smiling on you. I thought I would toss out a bit of an update as I have made another big addition to DDM's Realm, VIDEO! That's right I have added Spyderwolf's Quest Library to DDM's Realm. You can now jump right to the video on Youtube from the Quest Details page.

The updates will keep going in as I have time to make them. Thanks everyone for your feedback. Please keep any corrections, additions or suggestions coming. I want to make sure that DDM's Realm is as accurate and up to date as possible.

See you in Stormreach!

Update 4.1

Spyderwolf's Video Quest Library added. You can now watch his great video's with one click from the Quest Detail pages. Look for the links in the Additional Resources section.
DDM's Realm is now on Titter. Follow @DDMs_Realm to receive instant update notification. -> http://www.twitter.com/DDMs_Realm
Many quest updates, corrections and data verification.
Tweaked the code some to stop the duplicate entries. Such as seeing the same quest/item in the Related Items/Quest section.
Added in Essences for the Dreaming Dark series. This is the first of all the ingredients to be added.