View Full Version : My guild cannot be found in MyDDO guild search???

05-14-2010, 09:19 PM
Hello Everyone!
I have a very active, growing, and most importantly friendly guild of about 150 members on Sarlona at the moment! However, when trying to search for our guild in MyDDO, it cannot be found. My guilds name is Clan Ironfist. When searched, 3 Clan Ironfist' appear. One on Thelanis, 2 on Sarlona. However when I select either one of the Sarlona ones it is another Clan Ironfist, with only 2 members, the leader is level 2 and one level one member. I have added them to friends but, I dont believe they exist or never play. :-( Like I said I have tried selecting both Sarlona Clan Ironfist options many many times, and have never seen my guild appear, just the other one. So is there something I am supposed to do to get my guild to appear on the MyDDO guild search or is it automatic? I was under the impression it was, but I cannot find any info anywhere. I contacted a GM in game, but they said they cannot help me with problems on MyDDO, and that I should try contacting a forum administrator, but not sure how to do that. If anyone can help me out, or give me advice, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!! -SOundheart