View Full Version : The Holy Quail

05-13-2010, 10:42 AM
New guild in Orien welcoming players of all classes, levels and abilities.

We are a friendly, fairly casual guild with an emphasis on simply enjoying playing the game - whether you only log on for a couple of hours a week or spend days glued to your pc.

Newbies are especially welcome, and The Holy Quail has the following to offer to improve your game experience:

- Friendly, judgement-free advice and tips. All questions answered, no matter how 'obvious' to more experienced players. We were all newbs at some point...

- Trading opportunities, including a repository of free, really useful things like wands and potions - just ask an Officer.

- Organised questing - let experienced players walk you through quests, then, as you become one, do the same for others.

Sound like your sort of guild? Send a mail via the in-game Lightning Posts to Devieus of Orien.