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05-12-2010, 12:22 AM
The name of this guild has changed to Draconic Descendants. Moderators, since I can't figure out how (doubt I can) Will you delete/close this topic? Thank you.

Edited June 21, 2010

05-19-2010, 12:04 AM
Hailia Amanodel here. (forum name). Hailyia Amanodel in-game. Guild Officer. This guild WILL make you laugh at times. There are optomistic people in this guild that have a "happy-go-lucky" attitude. They will halt their progress just to help you. New beginners and Experienced players are all welcomed. Though we are small right now we hope to slowly build. Most of us are not "fast" players. We are explorers and sometimes like to explore every corner of a dungeon. We enjoy playing in Eberron and some of us know a little about some of the other D&D worlds. Toril and Faurun (Forgotten Realms) are my speciality. That is the home world of Drizzt and Eliminster. Come check us out and spend a little time with us. Thank You.

P.S. The goddess Ashara is not to be confused with the goddess Shar on Toril (Faurun). They are very different and are not intermediate dieties such as, Lloth.

05-26-2010, 07:45 AM
Thank you for your words, old man.

He's right, we laugh, we have fun, sometimes we're crass and lude, but when it starts to annoy people, we calm down. We're not at all about censorship, and try to instill an environment where people can talk about more than just the game, and where people can feel freely to bust up the Chat's language filter.

I must warn you, this is not a guild for children or conservative people.

Currently we are building our treasury and Vvoilet, our haggle bard with a very high haggle skill, will sell our junk.
Arsta (the leader, and one of mine) will auction things off. Some members have been asked to start collecting things, and members may request that we stockpile expendables for them.