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05-09-2010, 04:46 AM
Another game sees the dawn of Ancarim Iron Legion on its realms.
Ancarim Iron Legion is an old gaming community, dating back to 1996, when it humbly started out in Ultima Online.
Since then, we have been a major part of most major titles out there...and some not so major. :)

We are now starting out in a small way in DDO, with the hope and aspiration to grow into a nice little family, eventually tackling end-game, and what challenges the game may offer!

Ancarim Iron Legion traditionally consists of older gamers...many of us have families and understand that real-life and social commitements come first and foremost! Therefore it is totally understandable to us that a party member may need afk's, log off, etc, while in groups and so on. This will not be frowned upon in any way!
Family and real life first...games second!
This also means we have an age limit to our recruitment. We require our members to be at least 21, this is non-debatable. We want a mature community. (And yes, we are aware that there are 40 year olds out there displaying the mental age of 13 year olds and vice versa, but that will be dealt with should the situation arise).
We will normally either group with potential recruits, or conduct an interview to establish if we are "meant for each other" :) .

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The Core Rules is a strict set of rules that all members of AIL should follow, no matter what branch and what games you play.

1. Everything you do reflects back on the guild, so behave accordingly.
We are all faces of our guild towards others. It doesnt matter if you are a long-time member or a fresh recruit. One bad apple can ruin the whole sack.

2. Do not exploit.
Exploiting game-mechanics is not only misliked by the gamecompanies, but generally by all players. The enjoyment of thousands of players can be ruined by some exploits and thus it is taken seriously by us.

3. Do your best while teaming with others.
We will always do whatever we can to make any team we join a great experience for all. Although we preferably team up with other guildmembers, we dont kick people to let a guildmember join.

4. Help your fellow guildmembers.
Hand down whatever equipment you can spare. If you borrow equipment from a guild mate, return it once you no longer need it or before quitting the game. Be active on the forums and share tips if you can. This way we learn to know oneanother and the community benefits both in game-experience and in a social way.

5. Be courteous and respectful to others.
This applies to all people, whether you know them or not, if they are non-members or not. If people are disrespectful of you, try to ignore them and dont lower yourself into a flamewar or namecalling. Never con or cheat other players, not even if you are «roleplaying a bad guy».

6. All for one, and one for all.
This is our motto and sums up what we stand for. We think of our guild before ourselves. We cooperate to meet goals and if one person is rewarded for this, we all should feel proud - not envious. This is what Ancarim Iron Legion is.

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So, if you have managed to read through all this, and think this may be something you want to be a part of, contact either Thorleif or Zafie ingame, and lets have a chat.