View Full Version : Three P2P Players LFG

04-29-2010, 01:55 PM
Two of my friends and I are looking for a guild on Sarlona that uses Ventrilo actively. We're all pretty experienced players MMO wise but we're still getting into the groove of DDO. We're looking for a guild with chill but decent players that can hold a conversation without drooling a little bit on their keyboard.

Person 1's toons: Muanusa, Level 10 Sorc, Brosiris, Level 6 Favored Soul, Loosebowels, Level 8 Paladin

Person 2's toons: Floppie, Level 8 Monk, Brobiwan, Level 7 Cleric, Bropollo, Level 4 Fighter/Level 3 Paladin, Bromun, Level 4 Barbarian

Person 3's toons: Kenshiown, Level 7 Paladin

Look for any of us in game and send us a tell, thanks.

04-29-2010, 07:18 PM
You might check out The Unrepentant. We use vent, we (mostly) don't drool on our keyboards, and it's a multi-game guild so you don't have to start over if you switch games.

We're fairly casual, though. We've got a crop of new players working up new to mid-level characters, though a few of us have high level characters we bust out now and then.

We have a morning crowd as well as a US prime time crowd, the morning crowd has several European players as well as a few people like me with weird work schedules.

The one stumbling block many new prospects have is getting past the application process. If you can not come up with a coherent and detailed Zombie Plan for the application, you will be mocked. We take our zombies seriously.

Check out our website at www.unrepentantgaming.org