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04-29-2010, 06:30 AM
Greetings again Orien!

Just thought I'd drop in and put a heads up to anyone who might not have run into us or know about us yet, and see if we are a match for anyone out there that has been looking.

Red Alert is a guild that was created around December '09, originally as a pure WF-only guild. Our original goal was to do WF-only raiding teams. We voted a few months ago to allow non-WF into the guild mainly because all of us of course had non-WF alts and many non-WF friends who we wanted to have as part of our raid groups (and just to play with in the same guild of course!).

We are a guild that has conquered so far every bit of content in DDO as a guild, together, with very few exceptions (and those are mainly because we just havent spent the time to go there yet til we are done farming dry the current content we are focused on - nobody here is rushing to complete everything, as that would leave us with nothing left to look forward to).

We are also a half EU/half americas guild. Actually, I take that back - we have a good few more members in US/canada than we do in europe, but we pull enough of both to do most stuff on either time table.

Our current goal is to create an EU-based raid team (for raiding schedule that is friendly for all the EU people, which is the raid schedule we currently run) and a second raid team for the US/canada people who it is just inconvenient for to run the EU-based time. To accomplish that goal we are seeking a few more people to fill in the holes so we can always have enough to fill up both raid teams. We currently have 21 active raid members (and about 10 or so more casual players), which is just shy of a full 2 raid groups. If you are in a smaller guild and might want to merge with us or reserve scheduled spots (meaning you are expected to show up just like the rest of us:)) that would also be something to discuss, as I've been contacted by a few guilds who wished to do so in the past. What matters most is that we fit together well, so keep reading if youre interested ;)

Since january we have been running scheduled, twice a week runs of:
DQ/Reavers/VoD/Hound/Shroud - Saturdays and Tuesdays
We also recently added ToD and epic runs - Sundays and Wednesdays
We do alot of farming runs in shroud, amrath, epic desert etc as well - if anybody has ever seen Olawd's shroud farming its safe to say I think he is the servers most resident person in shroud, quite close to having a permanent tent pitched for him at the end of part4.

Anyhow, so much for the history lesson, and on to the good stuff:

* We are a raid focused guild. We have a raid calendar, where we do a set of raids twice a week. Currently we have 4 days a week of raids that we all do together on timer (saturdays/tuesdays, and sundays/wednesdays). Its typically a real good idea to try and be able to make it to these raids, at least on the weekends if you cant make it during the week. Since DDO is based on raid timers, doing every raid every 3 days, is simply the most efficient way to get the most raids done and get the raid gear we all want by the fastest means possible.

* We are a guild based on friendship. Equally important to anything else is that we all get along, we all get to know eachother. Most of us use mics and like to joke and make fun and have a good time. There is a very strong bond of friendship and loyalty to one another in our guild, which obviously makes us a guild that might only cater to a few and not to the majority, but thats the way it is.

* We are a guild dedicated to eachother's ingame improvement. What this means is we are dedicated to not only helping eachother get the things done that we all need to get done to progress through the game, but we are also very dedicated to helping eachother make powerful and properly built characters. We do indeed toy around with fun characters that are built funky and crazy just like anyone else, but for the main purpose of being a team based static raid-group/guild, we help each member create the character they want to play to be the most effective character build possible. Since the nature of DDO game design makes it very easy to make 'gimp' and inferior, or even totally useless characters (unfortunately) this is something we enjoy taking the time to learn, experiment, and master (which isnt really all that hard, its a simple system).

* We are a team based guild. If this isnt clear enough already, being part of the team is what we are all about. We not only group together most of the day if leveling up again after a TR or going out to farm mats or running raids, but our goal as a group is to help eachother improve - its the team mentality. It is how we do our loot on raids and its how we play the game. This also has significance due to one of our other guidelines in the guild which is that to be the most effective team member, each member should have at least 2 characters with viable properly built chars in order to be able to bring more than just 1 option to the table when we are going out to do raids, epic dungeons, and all that good stuff. What that basically means is everyone in this guild has at least 2 level 20 raid-ready, epic difficulty built characters. Alot of us even have a third or fourth. There are basically 3 types of characters in DDO: support, arcane/utility, and DPS. The guideline for us is that we have at least 2 of those 3 options so when we are forming up raid teams we will always have the best of all options. We of course love to help eachother spec, plan out, and build/level up these toons as well - all part of the process, all part of the fun! It is with a bit of foresight though that in the end, the result is simply the best: Too many healers logged in for a raid? No problem, because they can log on another char and still come and do 100%. Being part of a team is intrinsic to what we are, and of course this goal might not be what everyone is after, but thats the way it is ;).

* We are an adult guild. Everyone here is an adult, and I'm not talking about any specific age cap, what I mean is everyone here takes responsibility for themselves and respects everyone else. We are a guild where you will have to have a big sense of humor, and a willingness to laugh and make jokes about anything, because I honestly do think we are the biggest $H!% talking guild on orien ;). There are no taboos here. If you are particularly sensitive to a good many topics, it might be hard to get along with everyone because, I can at least speak for a good handful of members: they WILL go there. Just to push your buttons and make a laugh out of it! We are also a fully democratic guild - we vote on everything, everyone has an equal say. If we decide a new raid schedule, or a change of design or tactic or whatever, its because we all discuss stuff and decide on it as a team. This also might not cater to everyone, but...thats the way it is!

* We have alot of friends on orien and are very staunch supporters of a mainstay orien community where guild tags and associations are of no significance - we want to get to know as many people here as possible as individuals and value them (or disvalue them;)) for who they are and what they do. Paradoxically though it might seem, we are very against elitism and the typical attitudes we see alot going around with regards to 'who is allowed to do what'. EVERYONE is allowed to do EVERYTHING! We are all here to play a game, enjoy meeting other people and playing with them. Our way of doing this isnt going to be the same as everyone elses, but EVERYBODY's means of enjoying the game is justified, correct, and equally right to everybody elses (long as you arent enjoying it by griefing someone else!)... So while we might all be tagged as Red Alert, we are just as keen and eager to go run raids and groups and play with all our random friends in all the other guilds as we are to do stuff within our own guild.

If you happen to be that 1 in a million who actually read this entire thing, and actually is crazy enough to feel like it is fitting for your bipolar disorder, then you probably just found yourself a new home. Get in touch, and come on over, run some raids and groups with us and see how fun it is for ya.

04-29-2010, 09:43 AM
Oh ya, this might be helpful ;)


05-05-2010, 12:29 PM
read you required warforged with your vote. do you mean a capped warforged toon or an oft played warforged alt?

05-06-2010, 07:45 AM
Am I reading your raiding calendar correctly? 12pm and 2pm EST (GMT-5)?

05-08-2010, 05:42 PM
read you required warforged with your vote. do you mean a capped warforged toon or an oft played warforged alt?

We used to be a warforged only guild. That restriction was lifted about 2 months (?) ago, by majority vote. Thats how we do any changes in RA, we all discuss things and make a vote. There were too many who wanted to invite all their fleshbag friends and such than there were who wanted to continue with our superior race plan of world domination. If only D&D had been a PvP/GvG game, we might not have made that vote ;).

Capped toons for anybody who would be able to play at our pace and style, would only be a matter of a week or two anyway, so...that doesnt really apply.

Am I reading your raiding calendar correctly? 12pm and 2pm EST (GMT-5)?
Yep, thats correct. However, the main goal of this post was to actually fill up a second raid team - that will be comprised only of the EST->PST people who want to run a scheduled static-group raid team at later evening times for those time zones. We have already half a dozen or so players who cannot make it to tuesday raids at all because of the early schedule. They also would like to do raids later on saturday. So if you fit into that group too, all the better because there are permanent spots available that are currently vacant.

This of course is only scheduled raids we do as the core raid team in the guild - raids are going on all the time on orien, its not a problem to get them done. Especially with guildies here because we all have alts that need raid completions constantly. Grab 5 to 10 ppl and go do it. Even the PUG shrouds I've run this last week are killing arrak in part4 shroud in under 60 seconds, so...the server is maturing enough that theres alot of ppl out doing raids all the time now pretty effectively. Only ToD and epics are slowly being worked into at the moment....Abbot and titan too are a bit more rare...

But I'm not in any rush ;)

05-19-2010, 09:26 PM
Yeah if there is still room I'll join.

I have 2 wf toons in the guild right now and I have another WF outside the guild.

Aussan is my level 15 Wf Wizard. I am currently getting him to level 20 as fast as I can and I would love to be on this raid team. I am currently flagged for DQ, Gianthold. Will be getting flagged for Shroud in the next few weeks.

Send me an in game mail or send me a message here to talk to me about it.