View Full Version : Hey, why not an Ice Raid ?

04-29-2010, 05:24 AM
I have been running D&D paper and dice for a long time. The content of DDO is always expanding and, being the type that is always looking out for a way to expand my own stories I noticed an opprotunity within the already established cannon of stormreach. Rissia, the plane of ice is the source of the power for the ice games. An alter much like the ones that are at the end of raids is in the harbor. Green steel equipment is very desirable and players run the shroud raid literally hundreds of time to get the equipment obtainable there. And right now there are threads on the forums asking players to log on just to generate more instances of the harbor so they can farm coins. So hey, why not an ice raid ?

Alot of the monsters that would be needed are already generated either totaly or in part. The ice flenser, the ice mephits and the stone elementals (with a skin change) would all be great canadits for encounters. Other options would be stone golems (skin change), Hell hounds (skin change), frozen zombies, and a few newly genrated monsters to help keep things interesting. The possibilities are endless.

There is already alot of built in material that would help make this type of run totally possible. The dungeon terrain in miseries peek is already very much like an ice cavern in some areas, and the "slippery"effect could be
used to help make certain passages one way. The altar is already made, and the players desire for ice upgrades on their equipment is clear and present.

The in-game economy would not suffer too much in fact it could benifit. There probably would need to be some changes to the details of how the upgrades are handled. I would think that equipment binding would be a requirement and that the ice game coins would not continue to be the currency for the upgrades. But if the upgrades are obtainable for more than just weapons, but armor and sheilds as well and there are new recipies or molds for those items I think it would go over great with most players. Also many ice type monsters that would be expected to be in a raid such as this would not be hurt by ice in fact many might gain life from frost and ice thus lowering the value of those items some.

Basically, there is alot of players that love the elemental upgrade option. And there are always a large number of folks that will grind for weeks to get items that will increse thier overall power. Raids are popular enough and a new one at a moderate level that produces elemental upgrades would be very well liked.