View Full Version : DDO Cocktail Hour, Episode 11, “Cupcake Musketeers”

04-28-2010, 08:47 AM
Warning: Very little educational content is contained within this show! If you are looking for hard-hitting news, (or at least someone who knows the difference between a raid and a quest) please refer our parent show: The DDO Cast. (http://www.ddocast.com/) Otherwise sit back, relax, grab your favorite cocktail whatever that might be, and enjoy as we explore the lighter side of Dungeons and Dragons Online, Eberron Unlimited!

This week, Lessah and Samius welcome CDBD3rd, Cupcake Musketeer’s CEO and avid forums poster! The team talks DDO Europe, Dragon Touched Armor Roulette, Tasty Dwarven bards, Hirelings, and “Show Me Your Noobs” makes a case for the Tangleroot Gorge Quest Pack, and we give away a Green Steel Dwarven Axe! (Thanks Reorex!) Thanks so much for listening!

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What are you drinking?
What are you up to?
Lessah – Tempest Rune Nightmares
Holiday in Europe! (http://my.ddo.com/lessah/2010/04/25/stranger-in-a-strange-land/)
Twitter: Name your Favorite Hireling
Twitter: Bardlove?
Show me your Noobs! Why you need to invest in tangleroot gorge quest pack.
CD Forums King, CEO, Cupcake musketeers: Who is he anyway?
Forums CPR, CD’s Pick: “An Assignment” (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=154225)
EMAILs! (Vast & Mysterious!)
Samius My DDO Friends
Samius doesn’t care about WB
Green Steel Thelanis give away! (We reward our Twitter followers!)
Outro, Toast, & Bizarre maniacal laughter


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04-28-2010, 06:28 PM
Awesome just as usual guys. much better then sober lessah and Samius. :D

Hope one of my fellow thelanians enjoyed the Greensteel. I hope I can provide more yummy loot for you guys to give away. Always looking to support my favorite drunks... no wait drinkers.. yeah thats it.

Please post samius's song somewhere i was laughing so hard when you played it. Great job Lessah