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04-27-2010, 11:52 PM
First, free to a warforged who can use it on their main character: STR +4 moderate fort. belt ML:15

Message Artilleriae



+1 Vorpal Longsword ML:10
+1 Paralyzing Kama ML:10
+1 Paralyzing Longsword ML:10
+1 Icy Burst Greatsword of Greater Parrying (+2 insight bonus to AC and saves) ML:12
+3 Improved Roaring Kama of Shattermantle
+2 Weakening Kama of Greater Dragon Bane
+1 Frost Longsword of Greater Parrying
+1 Holy Quarterstaff of Smiting (kill constructs) ML:14
+2 Vicious Greatclub of Greater Chaotic Outsider Bane ML:10
+1 Acid battleaxe of Backtabbing (+5 to hit and +8 damage when not targeted by target, will apply this bonus to main hand weapon when held in off hand)
+2 Impact Greatclub of Greater Lawful Outsider Bane ML:10

+3 Superior Potency Quarterstaff (+50% damage to all spells) ML:14
Superior Efficacy/Nihil/etc. weapons (+50% damage clickies for spells)

Racially Restricted:

+3 Holy Burst Handwraps of Weighted 2% WARFORGED ML:14
+3 Banishing Handwraps of Weighted 1% HALFLING (kill extraplanar creatures unless they make a DC:24 Will save)
+1 Crippling Bastard Sword of Disruption (kill undead) DWARF ML:10
+4 Weakening Kmaa of Enfeebling (Kill Beholders) HALFLING ML:14
+5 Holy Burst dwarven Axe HUMAN ML:14 UMD:24
+1 Cursespewing Kama of Greater Evil Outsider bane DWARF ML:10
+1 Crippling Bastard Sword of Destruction DWARF (Kill Undead on Hit if they fail a DC:14 Will save) ML:10
+1 Bodyfeeder Falchion of Parrying ML:8 UMD:18 (15hp on Critical hit)


WIS +6 ring ML:15
WIS +6 necklace ML:13
WIS +6 belt ML:15
CHA +5 Ring ML:11
FF Boots of +7 swimming/balance/move silently ML:11
Helm of WIZ VI (125sp) ML:15
Underwater action helm ML:13

Racially Restricted:

STR +2 Greater false life belt (30hp) DWARF ML:13
CHA +6 cloak HALFLING ML:15

Thanks for looking.

05-15-2010, 11:28 PM
How much for +3 Superior Potency Quarterstaff (+50% damage to all spells)?

Would love to have that.

06-06-2010, 09:30 AM
Is this thread still current with ALL items?