View Full Version : What guild with most european players on this server? ?

04-26-2010, 08:31 AM
As the tiltle of the topic state, im lookin for a guild that have many european players in , becourse the one that im in now have another timezone than me. Thats a bit difficult to join events, they play mostly at night when im not on . Any good guild on this server that i could join with time zone gmt +1/+2 or around ,with players online than ?
Its not that im not happy with the guild i am a member off at the moment, all good peeps. Most off the players are from the usa and so on the turbine servers,i know , its maybe not realistic to ask this question ,but i dont like to switch back to ddo on codemasters, its empty there.
(sorry for my english, im usually write dutch :) )

04-26-2010, 08:45 AM
Je hebt gevonden wat je zoekt ;-)

Hier op Argonessen is een Euro/NL guild actief: Legionaire Guild.
Group bestaat uit veelal nederlandse spelers, alhoewel er ook USA en andere nationaliteiten in de guild zijn.

Er is meestal wel elke avond iemand van onze guild online, check even de Who-tab om te zien wie er is.
Je kunt ook een PM sturen naar Marei, officer van Legionaire Guild. Ik zal je dan zo snel mogelijk in contact brengen met de rest van de guild om te zien of wij zijn wat jij zoekt.

tot ingame?!


04-26-2010, 08:57 AM
Epic Failure has a bunch of old Keeper / Devourer players, mostly power-gamers.

Here is their recruitment thread.


tot ingame?!

The father of hams is in-game, yup.