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04-22-2010, 08:52 PM
Up to level 6, what do you propose the ideal enhancements setup for Frenzy Berserker might be. Including of course the pre-req for frenzy.

Shade Suggested Enhancements:

[barbarian] - Damage Boost IV (10)
[barbarian] - Power Rage IV (10)
[barbarian] - Power Attack III (6)
[barbarian] - Frenzy Berserker I (4)
[barbarian] - Frenzy Berserker II (2)
[barbarian] - Frenzy Berserker III (2)
Now onto others:
[barbarian] - Sprint Boost I (2) (Get it early on, it rocks)
[barbarian] - Hardy Rage II (3) (Rank 3 generally not worth it)
[barbarian] - Extra Rage II (3) (Not sure this build can afford rank 3)
[barbarian] - Extend Rage IV (10)
[barbarian] - Improved Damage Reduction II (6) (Be sure to get the Barbarian one, not the Warforged one, that won't stack)
[barbarian] - Constitution I (2)
[barbarian] - Might Capstone (2)
[warforged] - Power Attack III (6)
[warforged] - Constituion I (2)
[warforged] - Healers Friend I (2) - )Get this early on, cheap and important)
72 points spent if I added that right
--- Below depends on lvl18 feat:
[barbarian] - Toughness II (3)
[warforged] - Toughness II (3)
If Stunning Blow selected:
[warforged] - Tactics II (6)

04-23-2010, 05:36 AM
Healer's Friend I, Sprint Boost I, and the Power/Extra/Extend Rage you can fit.

04-23-2010, 05:46 AM
imo the dr boost II at lvl 4 is a pretty nifty one. it grants dr9/- for 20 sec.

activate, jump in the middle of mobs (maybe hit intimidate) and bash away. keeps alot of damage from your group (and eventually you too).