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04-20-2010, 06:31 PM
Our original ruleset was in a place for a year. Over that time we saw a lot of death, had a lot of laughs, and reached levels 12-13 for about half a dozen players. We completed Tempests Spine on hard with a group of level 8-11's, and went under level into Western Threnal on hard, to name just another accomplishment.

If you are considering a try at permadeath play, The Core HC Permadeath Guild on Khyber might be for you. We are vet and noob friendly :) We play everyday and allow you to make all kinds of crazy builds before you get yourself kilt.

The new rules were put in place to ensure the original mission of the guild: to have the most challenging ruleset in the DDO Permadeath community, and make leveling up the greatest permadeath accomplishment.

They are:

1. No xp penalty allowed for being above the level of the quest. Exception: quest chains go by the level of the finale. Take the finale of Splinterskull, Deleras, STK, etc. to determine the max level character of your party.

2. Veteran status builds allowed. Cutting down on the Korthos grind will hopefully retain players and bring fresh blood into the guild. Roll up a toon and start Sharn, STK, TR, or what have you.

3. Can solo up to level 4. Once you're level 5, no more solo'ing allowed.

My level 12 drow assassin needs some friends :)

Come and get some hardcore,