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04-19-2010, 12:29 PM
So I am pretty sure that we have all had one character or another who could not find that special gear... be it ghost touch hand-wraps, heavy fortification armor, SR rings on the auction house.

I would like to propose a solution. The game already codes each item with the magical properties associated with it, so why not allow users to search the auctions based on their desired loot.

The only real concerns I would anticipate are as follows:
-The current system would not easily allow for the introduction of additional search requirements,
-The layout, if not properly designed, could be cumbersome,
-If searching for "Greater Fire Guard" the search might only return with only "Greater Fire Guard" (i.e. not include a "+3 Full Plate Adamantine Greater Fire Guard"

Still I believe that the auction house would operate more effectively, efficiently and economically for the following reasons:
-Users could narrow their focus on searches. Thus, lowering the opportunity cost of searching the auction house for desirable merchandise.
-Reduce information asymmetry in that players could more easily gauge their server's value of specific features.
-Players could reject certain bonuses, if for example a character was Chaotic they would almost certainly not want to see axiomatic weapons.

I submit this suggestion knowing full well that DDO is an amazing game and that the developers have done a good job making it accessible for all.

04-19-2010, 12:31 PM
They have recently said that AH upgrades are in the works. The 'back end' to the AH has apparently already been changed to make it searchable but someone has to 'get around' to redesigning the UI.

So somewhere between mod 5 & 50 it should be implimented.