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04-17-2010, 12:38 PM
Okay, as some of you might have realized from my other topics, I just recently downloaded the game. Yes, I'm a super-noob.

I want to try out all the areas of the game, but before I go for the spellcasting area, I have a question.

Is it hard? What are the basics? Anything obvious I should know?

Thank you.

04-17-2010, 01:03 PM
Spellcasting requires you to have a unique knowledge about mobs, and yourself. You need to learn the effects your spells have on mobs (or lack thereof) and how you go about pulling off your casting abilities.

For simplicity, your first casters should either be a Cleric or a Wizard. These guys can try out a higher range of spells then Favored Souls, Sorcerers, and Bards, and you will be able to try out all the arcane/divine spells according to the class.

If you have yet to properly play the game sufficiently on another class though, don' try Cleric first, as these guys require experience.

04-17-2010, 01:12 PM
Okay, as some of you might have realized from my other topics, I just recently downloaded the game. Yes, I'm a super-noob.

Thank you.

Your a Newb not a Noob big difference.

And I disagree with DavionFuxa, a cleric is an acceptable first toon if you want to try a caster of some sort. There is a learning curve but the best thing about it is most groups will let you try your healing skills on them. Just make sure you let them know in the LFG window that you are "very new and that you are learning but am willing to try". most groups should give you the opportunity to learn your skills. What server are you on? Maybe a more experienced player on your server will see this and offer to help next time you are on. I myself have various level toons so that I can assist other guilies in there endeavours. Good luck.

04-17-2010, 01:24 PM
Arcane Casters (for the most part) are squishy the first 7 levels.

Clerics are a better choice, more soloable and not as squishie. Get use to being a healbot.

Both groups are AWESOME mid to end game in the terms of offensive casting, ESPECIALLY the arcane ones.

If you want to do Arcane casting, do wizards first. You can try out all the spells and trade them out in your book. That gives you more fudging room. Sorcerers tend to be more expensive in regards of trading spells out. Wizards can "add" spells via Inscribe spells to their book.

For Divine casting, Clerics are the way to go. FvS have the same problems as Sorcerers in theterms of spells. Clerics cast the most spells in the game, due to getting the healing spells for free. Again, same with Wizards, they cna tradethem out. But clerics don't have the ability to inscribe spells. They get ALL the spells at the level to choose from.

Regardless of which tyoe you choose, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT USE CON AS A DUMP STAT. 12-14 or higher if you can.


You are a NEWBIE, not a N00b.

04-17-2010, 01:34 PM
There are several different classes which can cast spells.

Paladins (http://compendium.ddo.com/wiki/Category:Paladin_Spells), Rangers (http://compendium.ddo.com/wiki/Category:Ranger_Spells), Bards (http://compendium.ddo.com/wiki/Category:Bard_Spells), Clerics (http://compendium.ddo.com/wiki/Category:Cleric_Spells), Sorcerers (http://compendium.ddo.com/wiki/Category:Sorcerer_Spells), and Wizards (http://compendium.ddo.com/wiki/Category:Wizard_Spells).

IMO, the most fundamental difference between casting spells and melee combat is that when casting spells, you will be interacting with the targetting system in more varied ways than when you're are involved in melee.

There are single-targets, multi-targets, stationary persistant area effects, shaped area effects, target or self-based area effects, and buffs; all of which are affected by line-of-sight and/or landscape or monster obstructions.

As a result, when you're casting spells, you must be conscientious of what/where your target is, whether it's a point in the landscape, a monster, a group of monsters, yourself, or another character.

Another part of casting spells is that it also requires you to be conscientious of resource management. Your available Spell Points (both ready-to-use and those granted by equipment or consumables) will be a constant concern, but one which you learn to manage as you level-up.

In addition, a lot of spells require consumable components to cast them; if you don't have the components, you can't cast the spell. Running out of components for an essential spell, in the middle of a dungeon, could cause problems for your party and/or embarassment for you. ;)

Overall, the mechanics of spell-casting are not what I would consider "hard." The part than can be tricky at first, is knowing what to cast, and when to cast it...but that discussion could be a whole thread of it's own.

04-17-2010, 07:27 PM
Thanks to everyone who helped here. I think I'll play around a bit as a wizard for a while, then make a cleric if I find it easy enough to play. As you've all said, experience is key, more so than difficulty of playing the actual class.

Didn't realize there was a difference between Noob and Newb until now.


Thanks again everyone.