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04-14-2010, 02:27 PM
DDO Cocktail Hour, Episode 9: Getting Dirty W/ Alex Haddox

Warning: There is actually SOME educational content contained within this particular show! We wanted to include this fact so as not to enrage our fans who might not be expecting that! As always, if you are looking for hard-hitting news, please refer our parent show: The DDO Cast (http://www.ddocast.com/). Otherwise sit back, relax, grab your favorite cocktail whatever that might be, and enjoy as we explore the lighter side of Dungeons and Dragons Online, Eberron Unlimited!

This week, Lessah and Samius and welcome special guest: Alex Haddox! (http://alexhaddox.com/ddo) A real-life martial arts trainer, podcaster, and player of DDO-EU. The team talks to Alex about his underwear, the monk, raid etiquette, puzzle solving, crafting green steel items, and even throws in some useful tips for new players. (gasp!)

Thanks so much for listening!

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Intro:What are you drinking/ wearing?
Twitter question: What is your favorite Kung-Fu Movie?
Twitter question: How many times will you open/ ransack a chest to get what you are looking for?
Alex Haddox Surprise!!!!!
Alex Haddox, the man, the myth, the podcaster…
Maps are back!
Alex and his Monk enter couples therapy
What is Mineral II anyway?
Forums: Shroud etiquette (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=236268&highlight=Shroud+etiquette)
Forums: Shroud puzzle solver (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=164571)
Defense Guild Shroud Blog (http://defenseguild.net/tiki-view_blog.php?sort_mode=created_desc&blogId=2&find=puzzles&search=Find)
Stirge Corner from DDO Daily – Permawhat? (http://ddo-daily.com/archives/448)
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What potions do you carry in your backpack?

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Great show! Thanks a lot :)