View Full Version : Hero looking for guild

04-14-2010, 04:50 AM
....... Im looking for a guild also. :)

I just moved to argo (by toyota). I am currently leveling my first char on this server.

I played in europe for about 8 months, transfere to the U.S in october.

Although Im a long way from cap i tend to play quite quickly. Im knida like a power gamer.... just not as good.

I soloed a bit of the top end game before but Im really looking for a guild to help me get familiar with end game content. Especially the amarath stuff which im completely ignorant about. I would also like to raid regularly. I dont mind not guild grouping but i do prefer if i know a couple of faces within the group.

Im currently running a WF wiz/rogue to get me some funds and favour sorted. I will roll a new char soon and work on capping that too.

Im in no immenent rush to get guilded but would like to start looking at my options.

I prefer to play fast, especially on the old hat ive run dozens of times, but im not a zerger and will keep pace with the group when im in one.
Im mature(ish) ;) and whilst i often have a cheeky remarke or a joke to tell Im very much a guild player and looking for a new home.
I would prefer to run with an established guild who will, as i say, be able to assit me with furthing my end game knowledge.
I am more then willing to "audition" for a guild spot and, as of later on today, will have my mic set up again.

Thanks for any help, You can get me in the game with Loftie, Loftier or Nioliss.