View Full Version : The Doom Brigade - US/Euro anti-zerging lite RP guild, now with Permadeath groups!

04-13-2010, 01:38 PM
Hey all!

I wanted to update the Doom Brigade introduction thread to bring forth news of the guilds current standing.

We are still open for recruits worldwide, but the majority of us come from North America (Canadians in here as well) and Europe. We've grown somewhat lately due to all the good publicity recently (we have been featured in the Eberron Chronicle and our Permadeath experiments got mentioned in the lates DDOCast as well!). We are still aiming to keep the family feel despite of the 200 characters by over 50 active players.

The guild was founded on the cornerstone of anti-zerging - none of us enjoy the all too common rush through content in a race towards the level cap. We like to have fun on the way, enjoy good old fashioned dungeon crawls and try to bring that D&D pnp feeling to the game.

We are also a "lite" RP guild. That means not all our runs are pure RP, and that we don't get serious about it, but nevertheless cherish nice role-playing whenever possible and arrange dedicated RP groups as well as PVE runs with less focus on RP. Well, "run" is a nasty word since we try to find time to discuss strategies, enjoy the adventure and smell the gore-soaked flowers on the way. But I guess you got the idea :)

Permadeath groups is our latest venture not for those faint of heart! We do allow a sort of lite approach to that as well, letting a fixed number of deaths pass "unnoticed"... Of course you can go all the way as well, but the point naturally is to make things more exciting instead of just frustrating. Welcome to join us and see how far you make it before the inevitable...

Seek us out in game if you'd like to make friends with us, or check out our forums at www.thedoombrigade.eu, register there and post an application! We don't have many rules, but we expect maturity, easy-going nature and loyalty to our core values of anti-zerging and light hearted RP. If those sound like your idea of a perfect guild you just might have found a new home with us!

We are also keeping a guild blog at myddo (http://my.ddo.com/guild-cannith-the_doom_brigade/) - visit there to read about our latest ventures.

See you in game, hope you enjoy every moment of it like we do!

04-15-2010, 02:56 PM
Just a quick note on our Permadeath group for those who are curious...

We are extremely lenient right now, with our current rule-set, however I suspect that as interest grows, we'll get closer to more common PD rules.

Right now here is our set:

1) You can resurrect via shrine if you die 2/n (n = your current level). More than that, and it's time to start over with a new PD char. no releases allowed. (raise dead or equiv. spell acceptable)

2) No passing of PP or items from a non-PD char to a PD char

3) You can still use the AH, but just don't use it to sell yourself an item from one of your non-PD chars

4) DDO store use is limited to hirelings and account enhancements ONLY.

5) If you die, you can pass on one heirloom, and allow one item to be looted your corpse per party member.

Of course, all of these rules are self-imposed and self-enforced, and ONLY if you want to play Permadeath. Otherwise, hey! We have a full guild of non-zerging, RP'ing, adventure seekers who don't mind dying by your side! :)

07-07-2010, 11:38 AM
I have been a member of the guild for a few weeks now, amazing guild and very friendly