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04-13-2010, 10:49 AM
I recently created a "customized" elf: rogue2/soceress2 currently (started out as lvl 1-2 rogue). When I multiclass into sorcerer class, the trainer states I do not have enough wisdom beyond lvl 9, which is still quite a ways away. I am new at this, can someone help me to see if I can modify the wisdom enough through what means?
Here are her stats: (Str=14, Dex=16, Con=11, Int=16, Wis=8, Cha=12). As you can see, I concentrate mostly in dex, str, and int.

a) After reaching lvl 9 soceress, can I go back to the rogue path?
b) Are there any enhancements or magical items that can increase the Wis?
c) How important is Charisma in a sorceress?
d) Why is wisdom important in higher level sorceress? (I seem to recall they are important for paladins, clerics, etc., but no mention of sorcerer when I first created her).

I appreciate you all's input. Thank you.

04-13-2010, 11:07 AM
The trainer should be warning you about Cha, not Wis. And he usually warns you about not being able to cast L9 spells, which you get at 18 levels of sorcerer.
a. yes
b. yes, though no enhancements for rogue/sorcerer
c. very, this is typically their main stat
d. it's not

Note that multiclassing without understanding exactly the consequences is a bad idea. You'll most likely end up rerolling this character.