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04-12-2010, 05:05 PM
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Look at me,
Now look back at yourself,
Now look at me again, what am I holding?
Look back at yourself
Now look at me again, I am holding a sheep,
Look right,
Open the window,
Look back at the sheep, but it is no longer a sheep - it has turned into bottle,
Look between your toes,
Look back at me - the bottle has turned into community love.
If you join the DDO Daily crew, community love will be your breakfast.

We want you and your opinions/ideas to make DDO Daily an even better place.

I have an idea for an article, what should I do?
Think, is it something that would interest the other DDO community people? If so, open up a text editor and write down a short summary of what you are thinking - make it compelling, make it fun - well.. just write something that gives me an understanding of what You are thinking of. Ready? Alright, now either go to our contact page (http://ddo-daily.com/contact)or open up your e-mail thingy and send it to support@ddo-daily.com .
And off it goes - I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I would like to join the writers' team, I think I have more than a couple of ideas for an article?
Ahem.. I mean, send me an e-mail at support@ddo-daily.com or contact us via our contact page (http://ddo-daily.com/contact)and let me know something about yourself - if you have been a blogger or are an avid user of myddo, add a link. If you don't have anything to show - contact anyways, Im sure we can get your stuff into the interwebs.

I have something Im sure you can turn into a contest of some sort!
Hell, i would be glad to take it off your hands and direct it right into the hands of the community. If you are a company interested in getting some promotion, have us host a contest with some "spicy" rewards. Or if you have a PAX Turbine Points code and you would like to promote your new podcast/blog/guild/whatnot - we can do that also.
We are so corrupt.
Well, not really - we are just interested in giving as much as we can to the community - cause lets face it, you guys are awesome.

I have an idea for an article or I hate your site, make it better!
Woah, contact us and lets see what we can do with it.

I think I am or a friend of mine is interesting enough for being on the Charm Person segment!
Contact us and let us know - we would love to get you or your friend famous like Bruce Campbell.

My guild is the best - why are we not on the Guildview?
Cause I did not know you guys were THAT awesome - let me know and lets work it out.

Im hosting and ingame event or something out of game that is directed to the DDO Community.
We would love to promote your event and perhaps get more people interested in it and help you make it an even greater success.

You are stupid! Get off my lawn!

I have something else, not listed here, I want to talk to you about, what do I do now?
Once again - contact me and lets get see what happens.

Thanks for your time, and make sure to visit DDO Daily (http://ddo-daily.com) for your daily dose of DDO.

Holger "Sleepingcap" Mets

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04-13-2010, 11:39 PM
Neat, maybe I'd throw in something.

04-14-2010, 12:53 PM
A good play on the newer Old Spice commercials. :)