View Full Version : Defenders Needs Knowledgeable Officers

04-12-2010, 06:54 AM
We are always inviting new members to join, but officers are encouraged to consider joining. An officer is someone who is at least level 5 and has a vast knowledge about the game, is self sufficient, and can offer gear and assistance to other members. They must also have a positive attitude about the guild and excellent teamwork skills.

Defenders is a very large open guild that is aimed at helping new and lower level players. We share our loot with other guild members, and use tactics and strategies to master dungeons and areas throughout the game. We work in both casual groups and powerleveling parties, and have a large number of low and mid level players. For players who are fairly new to DDO, have difficulty finding groups, or have a hard time finding enough platinum to upgrade their gear, this is the group for you. Though we have players from lvls 1-20, higher level players will have a more difficult time finding parties within the guild (though they will still benefit greatly from the other guild incentives). We currently have nearly 400 players on the Orien server. We are working on a comprehensive guild website at http://www.ddodefenders.com. Here are just a few of the benefits that Defenders enjoy on Orien:

* Alliance with a number of other large guilds to increase our grouping and buying power
* Tactical training available to players who want to develop better skills within the game
* Ongoing contests including pvp, hide and seek, scavenger hunts, murder mysterious, trivia, recruiting, teamwork and helpfulness.
* Lots of amazing and fun people to play with
* Members only message boards, website, forums, Email, etc
* Gear upgrades
* Comprehensive guild banking system with over 1,000 items in stock and over 3,000 more available amongst members
* Cleric Buffs
* Teleportation to/from party
* Free passes for f2p players to try out p2p areas or level, including Sharn Syndicate coin lord quests for pack space
* Guild lottery system giving away tomes, rare items, rare weapons, free vip and premium memberships, and more
* Guild point system to earn ddo point credits, rare items and more
* Guild chat for advice, general chat, grouping, and more. Our guild chat is so busy much of the time that many of us turn off general chat.
* Weekly updates in events, incentives and more.
* Tons of very experienced guild officers

Contact any of the leaders today. Here are just a few:

Leader: Kusto
CEO: Mordsith
PA: Vianessa
Design: Dayvian
Tech: Cuver
Ranked Officers: Celinor, Brezren, Isani, Nutmeg, Zimdar, Badgerblayde. Endic, Burzurk,
Haggle Mule: Hagglar
Toon Gen Expert: Athaes

You may also send a request to any Defenders member for a sigil to be mailed to you. You may also visit the message boards at http://board.ddodefenders.com and post your in game name for recruitment. Again, we are recruiting for the Orien server at this time.

Happy playing, see you in game.