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04-11-2010, 03:44 PM
I'm starting a weekly session with some of my pnp friends- there will be 3 or 4 of us. I tried searching on a couple of different forums but couldn't find anything to help --- we are all new to DDO but not new to D&D. What skills are absolutely required for a 3-4 person group? For more difficult quests, we may need to PUG one or two more party members, but we want to cover all major skills as much as possible.

Based on a lot of forum review, i've been able to come up with the following:

- at least one level of Rogue (for spotting traps > 20 DC)
- at least one heavy armor guy (for the heavy hitter enemies)
- at least one person with a maxed-out Use Magic Device skill
- at least one primary healer (does it have to be a Cleric? or can another class like Bard or Paladin do well enough?)

Is there anything you can think of that we are missing?



04-11-2010, 04:04 PM
If it's a static group of 4, i'd recommend -

1. primary healer - you'll see lots of groups with lfm's posted looking for healers, i wouldn't pug this spot out. Would also highly recommend cleric or favored soul, other divine classes just don't have the spell point pool to heal through some quests.
2. trap monkey - also a tough spot to pug out. I'd keep a trapper in the static group.
3. Melee dps - someone to beat stuff down, and take hits. barbarian, paladin, ranger, fighter are good choices.
4. Last spot is kinda gravy. Casters, bards, or more dps work here.

Also, It's nice to have at least one hero with evasion - ideally the trap monkey, but if that's just going to a rogue splash, consider ranger or monk for one of the other spots.

04-11-2010, 04:23 PM
you want to cover multiple bases with one char in a small party, examples:

halfling rogue 2 / wizard 18 with healing dragonmarks: can disarm traps, cast wiz spells and heal a bit.

battle cleric: can heal, cast offensive spells and be a frontline melee

melee warchanter: can heal well too, songs/buffs, some CC

A paladin might be perfect for the 4th spot, since his aura will benefit all of you and hes sort of like a battlecleric with more heavy on the battleside.