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04-11-2010, 01:47 PM

I've played DDO for about three months, and I like it. Two characters approaching mid-teens, and pugging all the time is getting to be annoying. I'd like to get more play and steadier advance to 20.


Enjoying a twf pally, and offense is the best defense. I usually burst down the dangerous mobs (usually caster) to take the pressure off, then hack down the rest. Keep my eye on the cleric and lay him if needed, and pull off mobs beelining to the squishies. I usually don't need healing unless the group bites off more than it can chew. I live to swap weapons, but without quick draw it's a pain.

My DPS is very good, and I've had TR'd twink dual khopesh users say "That's an amazing pally dps build you are running." Not exactly compliments, but well...

What I'm looking for:

Sometimes I like to be the best. Sometimes I just like to leisurely run through a quest. Sometimes I just want to get an item to drop. And a lot of times, I want to run that quest 10% more efficient than the last time or be a bit better than I was yesterday. All of these facets are fun, and I play to have fun. I can fit in with anybody, but would prefer a guild where people are kinda like this. If you are not this way (kinda hardcore maybe?) but can accept a person like me, I'm fine with that.

I'd like the guild to be somewhat active, so that I can reasonably get in 2 to 3 groups a day. I joined a guild once and it was silent the entire time I was there. I can get serious about raiding, but I don't want it to be a job.

Everyone is selfish, but I can only take so much selfishness that affects the group you are in before I say something. Prefer people who can be mature about this, and perform the superhuman feat of forgetting themselves for a moment in the face of group gain.

I will not be the sun that lights up your world. I am quiet, and will crack jokes once in a while. While I'm usually courteous, I do not feel obligated to chit chat when I do not feel like it. However, if you make fun of me, I will come after you, your family, and even the family pet if necessary. It's fine if I'm not personally liked, or vice versa. I can definitely live with it (unperturbed) if you can.

What I don't want:

Don't need no gold, don't need no free items, and don't need no hand holding. Certainly I'll take advice and criticism, but I have done research for my characters and will continue to do it. Alot of people say khopesh is the best, but I created an Excel sheet that tells why and when, for my own satisfaction.

I will definitely help the guild and guildies, but I will not handhold anyone, because I expect the same treatment. I will not be a personal slave for anyone, unless you happen to be my favorite singer IRL.

What i have:

Giant Hold and Vale, looking to get Menechtarum and others as well.

If interested, post and let me know how to contact you.

04-13-2010, 11:21 AM
Take a look at Merc's Only. We might be like something your looking for.


If your ok with the Rules and like what you see. You can PM DoctorWhoFan or myself. Or just send a tell to a Merc's member that's on line and they will tell you whose online that you can talk to you just have them contact you :)