View Full Version : Salvation is recruiting

04-10-2010, 09:31 PM
Hello guys,

I am the leader & founder of Salvation, a new guild on Cannith server.

Salvation is a serious guild which focus on efficiency. Our main goal is to reach the end-game content (epic raids) and get it done the best way we can. This means, for exemple, that we are putting effort to optimize our builds, know the raids and creating a good synergy within the guild. This allow us to run the content with everything it has to offer very fast.

At the moment, we are recruiting players of any class, race and level. The requirements are:
-Be mature, drama is not welcome
-Be smart. The game has many options, why are you playing your build? Don't run in the traps... Don't zerg... Etc.
-Have a sense of teamwork
-Be able to play the game more than once in the week. We won't reach end-game by never playing it ;)

If you are interested to join us, let me know either by
1) Replying to this post with your information so I can contact you
2) Send me a PM
3) Contact me in-game, Khelden