View Full Version : Daily hardcore Cleric looking for guild (currently lvl 13)

04-09-2010, 11:07 PM
I am new to ddo, been playing almost a month now, but long time DnD player. I am looking for a active guild who helps one another out. I am very committed to contributing to the group for the benefit of all and helping out where I can. Current guild was a start up guild of me and my four friends, and recruiting is hard, so if my new guild works out, I can bring over more players who are active. One of my early groups I was with did nothing to help out a low level Cleric at the time, so I am looking for helpful people, showing some love to the Cleric is always good, as I do my best to keep people alive, but would rather be going through all that trouble for my guild mates, instead of randoms who take it for granted. I mean I am usually stocked up with scrolls/wands and know how to use my sp effectively.

Character name is Aaafate, level 13 Cleric, my second character I plan to make is a different kind of Cleric starting at 4th level if I find people to start up with. I am P2P and will be for my time on the game, I have and use a mic, and I am driven to work together and overcome challenging missions together with a group of people wanting to do the same. My current focus is trying to get up to 1750 favor, so guilds who do favor runs is great, current favor is around 1200. The first place I go I would like to be the last, so let me know if I would fit in with your guild and I look forward to working together.