View Full Version : Litany of the Dead, Pikers Welcome

04-07-2010, 12:46 PM

for Litany of the Dead, I am able to solo all four optionals, Doomsphere included. If I am available, I can run you through the optionals in exchange for any tome pages that drop; or if you're generous, tome pages you already have (lol, but not required). At the moment, I am ransacked on Doomsphere chest, so I won't be doing Doomsphere this week (unless someone asks really nicely) but I am willing to do the optionals that drop pages I'm interested in. Therefore, if you have the sigil completed and you're having trouble flagging for Abbot, feel free to send me a tell or ingame mail.

As always, if you ask nicely and if I am free, I can flag you on the optionals I'm not interested in. Lately, I've been pretty bored since I have no guildees to help, lol.