View Full Version : Level 7 Pally Looking for active Guild

04-06-2010, 02:22 PM
Level 8 Paladin 'Thunde' on Khyber
i am looking for a good active guild that will make playing the game quite a bit more fun, as well as providing decent grouping and questing opportunities.
This is my highest leveled character and i'm looking for a guild that will offer some advice and help when it comes to what mission to do next, or what to watch out for in specific missions that will be new to me.

i'm a F2P player, but with all content packs up to my level (and planning on buying content packs as they become level appropriate)

[edit] Leveled to Level 8.

06-01-2010, 03:16 AM
Hey there,
I was just wondering if you're still looking for a guild. The Disciples of Insane Drunk Men would love to have you. Our highest level member is level 20, and he's very knowledgeable of the game. I am a level 9 Pally atm, nearly 10. I also know a few things. When you're on, use the MYDDO button at the top of the screen to look us up. You'll see we have close to 200 members now, so there's always someone on.

We hope to see you in game!

Enjoy, no matter your choice.

Me = Devilrey (2nd officer)
Contact me or the leader, Phunk for an invite.