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04-06-2010, 01:30 PM
Hi, I am looking for a home for my main, a level 14 pure rogue. I have been playing now for almost 6 months and have grown to love this game. I am certainly in the 'mature' bracket and am online most days, although due to work my playtime is usually limited to between 2 and 6pm GMT, or sometimes 6am onwards on days off/weekends. I would certainly like to explore the higher end content (ie Raids) but also like to play solo or small groups. I don't currently have a mic and headset, though voice chat is usually on so that I can hear what's happening.

I guess basically I'm looking for a mature, active guild that doesn't necessarily take everything too seriously, and preferably one with members playing in the GMT'ish timezone. I certainly don't know everything about this game yet, but if you're willing to tell me what I need to know, then I will listen and get to it.

Any takers please send a tell in game to Seriy Anaplian :)

04-16-2010, 08:36 AM
Hi Jernau,

The Unrepentant is always looking for new players we are a easy going bunch with members on both EU and US time zones,(I play on GMT+2 myself and I'm on afternoons) We cater for players of all ability, playstyles and lvl.

If you think our bunch may be what your looking for, check us out at our guild site www.unrepentantgaming.org or take a look at our thread on this forum, all we ask is that your over 18 and bring your sense of humor.

I look forward to seeing you in-game


04-18-2010, 11:37 AM
There are plenty of good guilds out there. Just take time to run with some and if you find one you like, just ask to be invited. Most guilds are on the lookout for new members.

04-26-2010, 06:17 AM
Hey there! Saw that you still hadn't found a guild to call home yet. The Order of Cygnus (http://forums.ddo.com/showthread.php?t=231138) is always open to new players. We are fairly active, but also a pretty casual guild, which was why I never responded initially to your post as it seemed you were looking for a more active raiding guild.

More of our guild members have gotten up to that level 13-16 range so we're looking to get everyone flagged and start raiding when we can. Like I said, we're a casual guild so we probably won't do a lot of scheduled raids or events, but that could change as guild membership grows (although I would like to throw one of those naked Tempest's Spine runs together soon...:p ).

Give any of our officers or members a tell in-game and we'd be happy to run with you! And if you feel like you've found a home, we'd definitely be glad to have you in the Order. And if not, you'll have hopefully found some new friends to quest with regularly anyway. :)