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04-02-2010, 11:00 PM
I have a few suggestions for DDO..
In the Auction House, when you're looking for an item and there are 43 pages of items, you dont really want to search thru every single one just to find out it's not there...Maybe there should be a way to Search thru the auction house

As for monks, perhaps there should be a monk-only class weapon. Maybe martial art weapons, like Rope Darts and 3-sectional Staffs, or a staff with two sharpened sides (two-handed weapon), and nun-chuks, along with a Kyoketsu shoge or a Monk's spade, or spiked gloves. And lastly, a lvl 15+ weapon..one-handed Kusarigama. When i visualize a monk, i dont just see it in handwraps. I see it with staves and etc etc. I see Martial Arts Masters, using weapons but not swords and bows.

Going along with my monk idea, perhaps start other class-specific (without UMD override) weaponry and armor.

And more weapon ideas : Dragon Halberds, Dragon Bow (made from scales and other dragon parts - Ranger only?? lvl 14+), Dragon Swords/Khopeshes/Axes etc.

Perhaps even another Fighter/Barbarian master mix, but with disadvantages of course.. Gladiators. Perhaps even make something called a Gladiator Arena, where people can watch other PvP battles and bet gold, buy stuff, auction off stuff, etc etc.

Another thing for Rangers: perhaps fletching. It could be a skill. They gather wooden shafts, any magical enchantments they want, arrow heads and feather, and make their owns arrows with a carving knife then string it. maybe even some throwing Javelins

One MAJOR thing that i prefer over EVERYTHING ive mentioned..When you attach cloaks, you can actually see them on the character. Some with hoods, some without. A ranger is more intimidating when u see a cloak on them, or a dark wizard with a black cloak. You get the picture? i think it would be just awesome if u can actually see and customize cloak/capes on a character. Perhaps when they get to lvl 20 of a specific class, a Class Mastery Cape, with the icon of that Class on the back of the cape.

Comments?? Favorites?? Flaws??

04-03-2010, 05:00 AM
I'm opposed to introducing more weapons that are not from D&D rules, I'd rather like the introduction of weapons that already are in D&D; but for no apparent reason are missing from DDO. From the SRD:

Monks are proficient with club, crossbow (light or heavy), dagger, handaxe, javelin, kama, nunchaku, quarterstaff, sai, shuriken, siangham, and sling.

As you can see, javelins, nunchaku, sai, siangham, and slings are currently missing from the monk weapon proficiencies list.

Javelins are already being used by NPCs, such as orc wizards (or at least the animations look like that), so it's kind of weird for them to not being available to PCs.

Nunchaku are double weapons, and as such probably a bit problematic to implement - but since they're effectively a weaker version of unarmed combat, nobody would use them anyway (unless you could enchant each end of the weapon seperately that is ;) ).

Siangham are in game terms a piercing version of kamas (same damage/crit profile), so should be easy enough to add and not cause any problems.

Slings ........ now why the heck didn't they exist since day one?? Come on, the favorite weapon of halflings - missing from the game? What is so problematic about them to just entirely skip them? The mechanism of slings is almost the same as for crossbows (lower RoF), and instead of quivers you'd need pouches for bullets. Done. This would also add an easy to use ranged bludgeoning missile weapon to the game to finally deal with those %$@# skeleton archers on unreachable ledges!

Oh sorry, got taken away a bit ;)