View Full Version : Kobold Touchers, the Left Hand Path

04-02-2010, 03:39 PM
The Kobold Touchers present to you an offer. . .

Are you tired of overly serious guilds? Cumbersome guild mantras? Having your personality restricted because someone else is emotionally unstable?

If any of the previous tie in with you, and you are looking to actually have fun and enjoy the game and your guild, then the Kobold Touchers might be for you!

KT is a laid back guild looking to have a good time, and let it's members be who they are (within reason, of course). We look to explore all aspects of gameplay, and kobolds in general. It is our ideal that players not be verbally restricted so long as things remain tasteful, as such a thicker hide is required to join this guild, lest madness ensue.

We accept all races, classes and experience levels.

If you are interested in giving us a chance to earn your undying affection, then you may send me a PM, message Vikkter or Angrykhan in game, or apply directly on our cozy little out of place guildportal site ( Http://tkt.mmopost.com/ ).

*** KT is a new guild, and small. We are looking to grow and hope you will come and grow with us. I am happy to answer any questions that might arise.