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03-30-2010, 11:07 PM
So, in my usual bout of recent restlessness where I should be sleeping I thought up a few things that would be nice/kinda cool for the next up date.

1.) Armor/clothing/weapon changes: The ability to change the appearance of some of the gear. Be it color or shape (personally my favorite full plate is the one with the shoulder spikes and leaner style instead of the bulky with added things ontop of the armor plating.)

2.) Viewing orb portrait: When looking at some one allow us control of what some one sees much like a personal id photo let us change the angle and/or facial expression.

3.) More hair styles for the male characters: ALL of the current male hair styles suck, the women actually have nice hair styles and looks good on them but there is a serious lack in creativity for male hair. I mean seriously in all the world there are only 12 or so hair styles for men? Come on.

4.) Prestige for monks: You already gimp them in end game why not give them a bone and at least throw in the Sacred fist, arcane fist, or Initiate of the draconic mysteries? (and for the love of god make empty body and time less body more useful, only thing useful for monks past lvl 15 is the dr 10/epic at lvl 20 and the capstone enhancement)

5.) Visible effects on monk handwraps on person when equipped: how many people have those awesome looking swords (the chaos and lawful, frost, shocking and so forth) to enhance just how b-a their character looks? Why not show a light aura that encompasses a monk completely or hell just his hands and feet or even just his hands according to the handwraps he is using.

I know this is all pretty petty stuff but in my opinion it would add a bit of fun...it is a game...games are fun...and I like fun games. Makes me want to play them more.

03-30-2010, 11:42 PM
In theory, #5 sounds cool, but I think it would wind up looking like your monk had a pair of pom-pons.

03-31-2010, 12:33 AM
1.) They have already released a few "cosmetic" items and IIRC there's plans for more

2.) Not really a must have thing I'd rather be able to change our icons to represent our build not our main class...ie.a strong guy with a lute for a Bardbarian

3.) I wouldn't complain about this but WF don't have hair :P but if WF get body mods too I agree :D

4.) Prestige for all classes that don't have any/less than 3 tiers...these are slowly being worked on but sadly Monk being a newer class will probably be a while (but the Devs surprise us sometimes)

5.) No reason not to have this I would love to do some dragon punches (flaming handwraps) all the other weapons have it...but Monks seems to be in transition as they keep updating it (so far for the better) so maybe we'll get this when the Devs & Players are satisfied with Monks

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03-31-2010, 01:27 AM
In theory, #5 sounds cool, but I think it would wind up looking like your monk had a pair of pom-pons.

lol, you make an interesting point here.

and for the other reply since I'm not sure how to do the double quotes

1.) what is IIRC? and I must have missed that memo, I'll keep my eyes peeled for now I'll keep my bunny helm to cover my stupid hair.

2.) Well, I've heard several complaints of the tacky looking armor and I can agree who designed these armors? But I can see where you are coming from on the icons by the name.

3.) Of course, I don't exactly like warforged myself but those are for my own opinions and observations but I think it would be cool to add cosmetic changes to body style like spikes or portruding blades. They're a race of constructs make for battle so why not have misc. destro-things built onto them? A pnp friend of mine convinced the dm to allow armor spikes on his body for grapples and the like.

4.) yeah, agreed.


03-31-2010, 01:36 AM
IIRC = If I remember correctly

#2 i was referring to the orb comment not the cosmetic armor idea

03-31-2010, 02:28 AM
Oh, lol sorry its like 3am here so reading things is optional. I know its not needed but I get tired of seeing the same straight faced pictures. Guess thats just me.

04-01-2010, 03:10 AM
With regards Question 1) you might want to take a look at this Thread. :)


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