View Full Version : To The Ancients

03-30-2010, 10:34 AM
Hey all!

Hope to be back in a few months! I can only get AT&T DSL Elite where I am at now, so we will see what their 6MP upload speed does when I get it.

New House is great, lots of work to do and all! Lots of wood to cut for next Winter. Lots of Fish to be caught! Going to paint the woods red!

Raich, keep being the best!!!!!!
Yog, suck my n$% s@#$
Troller, put your n%^ s%^# in Yog's mouth so he shuts up!
Super, come out of the closet all ready!
Pern, keep being laid back!
Heebs, your toons are all right with me!
Spam, come to visit for a hunt!

All the rest, keep being great peeps to play with!