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03-29-2010, 06:14 PM
I'm going to be a level 14 Wizard pretty soon and was looking for some advise on what I should be aiming for in the robe department. I've had a Fearsome Robe of Invulnerability for a while now and really don't see much else that looks better. I was thinking about a Deathblock of Invulnerability but wasn't sure if the lack of fearsome would be a big hit. I only ever party with my girlfriend who is a lvl 13 Paladin, so I don't always have the luxury of sitting back behind a row of tanks with a cleric watching my back. I tend to draw all the agro so the fearsome robe has been a livesaver in many instances. However I'm not sure how well it'll work as I get higher in level.

I do have a deathblock robe that I pop on when I run into Beholders but I'm thinking it might be something I might want to have on permentantly as I get towards the endgame. If not either of these then is there anything else is out there that might be a better option? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Here's a list of my gear so far in case it's relevant.

Trinket Voice of the Master +5% experience & +1 to luck on all saves and skills.
Goggles +6 Itelligence
Bracers +6 Armor
Ring Resistance +4
Ring of Heavy Fort
Cloak Protection +5
Belt of Tongue (Spell Resistance 19, Enchantment Save +6) ---- Also have a couple other 19 spell resist belts with Proof of Poison and Disease Imunity that I switch on as situation calls.
Health Necklace Con+6
Gloves Dex +6
Helm of Wizardry V (125 Spell Points) Which I switch to Helm of Wizdom +6 after I buff myself and my gf.
Various Clubs (potency, necromancy, fire lore, Spell Penetration.) I duel wield and switch up as situation calls.
Various Boots (striding/balance, feather fall, Jump)

03-29-2010, 07:58 PM
It would seem that you have dedicated quite a few slots to Armor Class (Bracers, Cloak, Gloves), so I would suggest getting an Icy Rainment.

This is presuming that you are finding that your AC is keeping you from getting hit. If, however, you are wearing the Fearsome of Invulnerability because your AC is not protecting you, then I would suggest a fairly major overhaul of your equipment, and keep your current robe.

03-29-2010, 10:08 PM
Lots of named robes that many people will suggest.

But there are two random robes that I hold onto, and I think they are min lvl 14.
Fearsome of Heavy Fort, and Fearsome of Greater Silent Moves (I love stealthy chars).

Also Greater Fire Resist is sometimes useful even for a mage. And Acid resist.
Deathblock at times too.

But at your lvl, it's time to start working on your Dragon Touched, or Dragon Scale robes.

03-30-2010, 12:01 PM
Tell your girlfriend to get intimidate. You should never have aggro.

Invulnerability won't do much if anything at your level as pretty much everything is counted as having a magic weapon. Other than that you seem to be missing a greater false life item. You can get that on a ring and get your heavy fort either on the robe (deathblock + heavy fort) or get it on a minos legens helm like everyone else.