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03-29-2010, 04:45 PM
I know how much everybody loves these things, so here ya go ;-)

Been playing two months, almost entirely PUGs but i gotta say, for the most part people are really cool and mature on this game. Anyhow... Im bored and I see an Invaders group. I got my token turn in, I get zero xp in this quest, but I figure why not run it once and help them out. I can hand out my tokens at the end and maybe even get a shot at some of the named drops. Sure, why not?

So we start, and I think it starts well. People know their jobs, the mages are dropping flensers left and right so the melee almost doesnt even have to engage. A bit of disco woulda been nice as well, but hey Im not going to start telling people how to do their jobs. I toss some empowered maximized mass cures and the occasional heal here and there, and we slay one half of the map and get the shrine etc.. Only a few deaths, but with so many beholders, its to be expected. Most of the guys are lvl 13 and dont have the greatest saves im sure, so you cant help a few one shotters. I raise them in battle and its business as usual.

DDoor to the other half (always seemed like a waste to me, the map isnt that big..) and we are running around and one of the mages is at like 1/8th of his life. I had tried to heal him earlier, but he told me not to, and besides, it didnt work. Hes of course taken the pale master path. (joy)

So we get in towards one of the bigger fights, and he says "I could use a heal you know" and I answer that I had dropped a few on him earlier and they didnt work. Which elicits a response from the second mage that I should be making sure he is/is not in wraith form or whatever... Umm, yeah ok. I was just about to type in that maybe if hes gonna gimp his character on purpose, that he should keep the cleric informed himself as to when he can or cannot be healed. Its not like im not a busy guy after all...

But they run around the corner smack into a big fight so I dont have time. The main tank drops almost instantly, I raise him and he drops again and suddenly people are dropping like flies. Im trying to mass cure and raise folks, but I am taking heavy negative levels and am constantly losing the ability to cast. Right now I am thinking that disco would be a GREAT thing to have cast, given all the trash mobs on top of the beholders.

I almost die, run into a niche and heal up, try to raise someone again, get fried almost dead again, and book it out of there for some distance before I heal up. The beholder follows me lickedy split (never seen once chase so fast before actually) and keeps tangling with me.. im eating more neg lvls and can barely keep myself alive. One of the mages dies out there with me, and I try to raise him (hes the only one close atm) but in the end it dont matter and I finally roll a one on a disintegrate and am vaporized, the last one standing, its a wipe.

And so the second mage is harping on me about not raising folks, and when I say I couldnt he harps on me for not breaking line of sight (actually exactly what I did, even tho we were in one of the straight parts of the dungeon) and is rather rude on the party chat about it. So i wish them luck saying if thats the way he wants to have it then he doesnt need me anyways, and break group, and he starts tearing into me with tells about how i am a real crappy healer and it was good i left anyhow since now they could find a better guy anyways etc etc etc..

Lol yeah buddy Im gonna take your neg against everybody elses praise. I get a lot of good comments about how well I play my class, even tho I am brand spanking new to this game. I think only one other person has ever been half as rude as that.. SQUELCH!

Funny thing was, I was in a fine mood and was ready to try to salvage the wipe, but he starts laying into me and why put up with it? In the end, he screwed the group cuz with his sharp tongue, because they sure as hell didnt find a new cleric and had to disband. "slow on the heals?" I was keeping you all alive, and I am no healbot either. Feel its too slow, quaff a pot.

While you are at it, get your toon some heavy fortification, damn n00b.. or at least moderate for gods sake, no lvl 13 sorc worth his SAlt should be running in light Fortification.


03-29-2010, 05:01 PM
You always remember your first.


03-29-2010, 10:22 PM
it blows being a healer for exactly that reason.
You heal the party, you dont do any of the fighting, and some barbie/sorceror whos character can do a **** starts *****ing you out for your healing skills.

03-30-2010, 02:13 AM
Thats why I play a FvS instead of a Cleric. I get to chose wither or not to get healing spells. I think I only have 3 Heals total (4 Including my Capstone).

Then again, sometimes its more mana efficient to let some people die, and cast raise on them then to keep spamming heals.

Or the Ultimate healer revenge. Put their soulstone in your pocket and just run around the quest. Maybe drop the stone in a ditch or some lava or some place fun and exciting. Be creative!

03-31-2010, 06:58 AM
^^^ Just like vexi said.
we made a lowbie guild called Noobs In My Backpack for just exactly this reason.
fun to level up our toons in it.

btw though, any pure healer is a waste of space. d&d isnt designed like wow or everquest, the 'healer' classes here are just as capable spellcasters and/or melee hitters as they are as healers, without sacrificing any healing ability. anyone who makes a pure healer (ie: cant do anything else) is wasting a group slot. unfortunately with so little info on the game readily available for newbies, and that typical stereotype from other MMO's, people come here, see the cleric/fvs class, and assume "ah, thats a healbot"....ERRRRRRRRR! WRONG!
there are no healbots in DDO's design. if someone rolls one, theyre a gimp.

fvs are designed to be melee divine's....clerics more leaning towards spell-divine's but also have the enhancement options to go battlecleric. the healing ability of any fvs or battle/spell cleric is or can be just as good as a pure made nannybot, but adds alot more utility to a group than just heals.

just thought id add those 2cp, always like to strengthen and improve the player-base ;) maybe one day those retards who yelled at you will be the minority.
heres to hoping.

03-31-2010, 09:26 AM
I agree with your post Mythal u old pirate - but i also have a warning to issue.

I rather have a dedicated healbot nanny in a raid when it comes down to it than a "i wanna do it all - oops am i suppose to heal".

There are many many good players out there but there is also some that are not very experienced and knows when they should focus on healing or when it is ok to hit aswell.

If u have fighters and barbarians using their boost in a raid and really hits hard - you dont wanna have to jump out to self heal with 40hp left on your bar because the cleric/fvs think they are cool hitters too.

Dont get me wrong they are good hitters - but there are reasons that several classes exist that are good at different things.

My little input. I agree with what u said Mythal - but if you are a new player its ok to be a healbot and learn. If u have good wis you are going to be able to contribute with good spellcasting aswell.

oh and to op - i sent u a pm:p

03-31-2010, 03:22 PM
The thing is that it involves smart playing. Any more-than-a-healbot fvs/cleric should know that they are way more useful to a raid party as a blue bar than they are primarily swinging their weapons alongside the heavy dps.

If you are playing as a melee on a fvs or cleric, then this should be established before the raid begins; any "i wanna do it all" types that pull the 'oops im supposed to heal?' card in the middle of a raid is going to find themselves, very quickly, without a spot in future raid groups.

A melee divine that does want to do it all is fine - just keep an eye on the red bars and have quicken turned on next to Arry. I do this all the time in shroud because it's just fun that way. Get a few lightning strikes in while still keeping the red bars full? yes please!

03-31-2010, 03:33 PM
It's sad to see the loss of innocence but it's part of the process...gratz.

03-31-2010, 07:06 PM
As a barb, I try to be nice to all healers.

The only time I got mad at one was one who just barked orders at us, and ended each command with "... and if you don't do it my way, I won't heal or res you." When she ended up dying, we just left her dead and speed finished the quest and survived, and finished out.

I didn't feel too bad... others have said they had problems with her too

03-31-2010, 07:18 PM
As a barb, I try to be nice to all healers.

The only time I got mad at one was one who just barked orders at us, and ended each command with "... and if you don't do it my way, I won't heal or res you." When she ended up dying, we just left her dead and speed finished the quest and survived, and finished out.

I didn't feel too bad... others have said they had problems with her too
That's exactly how my ex tried to run our marriage. :D

04-12-2010, 06:04 AM
I want to put the original post here as a default answer to all the "Where are all the healer threads" I like my noob healer I was building, I think I have gimped it but it was an experiment and I will have to reroll anyways. BUT 1 healer is always going to struggle IMO when a party is full of rambo tanks and even worse rambo casters, when they go in 5 directions at once, especially that 1 chap who insists on being 3 corners ahead of anyone else, the sorc who thinks he is a barbarian and all others who think a healer is right behind him (and every other party member) just waiting to pump his health, and how about remembering if the tanks can get nailed in 2 or 3 hits and worse how the hell is a healer going to stand there and raise everyone while being the sole target of anything left alive there.


yeah ok I am sick of people expecting my baby healer to keep all in sundry alive where ever they may be. especially when we are attacking lvls way above mine.