View Full Version : Competitive Dungeon Running

03-29-2010, 04:19 AM
Problems: Tired old quests that nobody likes to run, content packs your having trouble selling, bored players looking for a new twist.

Solution: Organized team based competitive dungeon running with weekly/daily prizes for the top teams in each bracket.

For example the brackets could be:

Level x to y - Where only registered teams with members in a particular range could compete; for instance a 5-6 bracket.

Weapons/Item Restrictions - Where only certain item sets would be allowed; for instance NO Scrolls and or Healing Potions, or a Masterwork Equipment Only competition.

Various other Rule Restrictions - Max 4 Players per team, Solo Only, No Shrines, No Rez from Death, etc..

This entire system could and SHOULD be auto-mated and self sustaining. For instance participation would hinge on say each team member spending 5 TP to register for the event. After 1-2 days for the event/bracket registration to complete, a quest would be randomly choosen from a seed of quests for each bracket/level group. Players would then have 24 hrs from the announcement to complete thier run as the team they registered under. Winning teams would be determined by "Some" kind of automatic scoring system based on resources used, time in quest, enemies killed, etc..

Prizes could be a selection of in game items and or a TP reward for each winning team member.

With proper bracket timing, there could be a different competion each day of the week for different brackets.

So how does this promote people buying content packs and or running quests people dont like to run?

Imagine if you will... people HATE "The Pit"... yeah, I know it hard to imagine. Now imagine that it becomes one of the random seed quests for a 6 man no shrines bracket, where the bracket prize was your choice of 1 level appropriate named item OR 100 TP. Now imagine how many people would start running that quest to practice it just in case it pops up in the random seed.

I KNOW you can see the potential.. yeah, its has a lot of details that would need to be worked out. And yes it probably would require a good deal of coding to implement, however I personally think the investment would be worthwhile.