View Full Version : WTB Vorpal, Finesse Kama, Kama of greater parrying, other Kamas

03-28-2010, 03:04 PM
WTB Seeker or Finesse Kamas of Backstabbing or greater parrying, or even parrying. Racially restricted OK. Any level requirements OK.

Name your price if you have a vorpal kama of greater parrying.
Good: Finesse Kama of Greater Parrying
OK: Finesse kama of parrying or backstabbing OR seeker kama of greater parrying.
Worst: Seeker Kama with a high number OR Seeker kama of Parrying OR any Kama of Greater parrying but I'd still buy it.

Send a letter to Theb.

03-28-2010, 05:33 PM
you are aware the finesse is a completely meaningless mod? the dex does not stack, it is enhancement bonus.
if you have higher dex than str your build should have wep finesse in it already, and if youre going to waste prefix on finesse on a wep its already gonna be pretty meaningless....you also cant have vorpal+finesse since they are both prefix.

if you want a vorpal kama i have an extra, look me up.

03-28-2010, 06:23 PM
Yes I am aware. I have 0 kamas now but want to end up with two: one with finesse or seeker as a prefix, the other with vorpal. I want the suffix to help me hit as well: backstabbing. I also want the greater parrying for saves and ac.

I am a healer with a monk splash. I will have great ac, especially with greater parrying (I have it on a sword now and can't stance with it), but I have low to hit and only room for two melee feats: two weapon fighting and improved critical. I have clickies for healing boost and want water stance wis. I won't damage anything but I can vorpal stuff with the right gear, this would be gravy but the main points of the build are survivability and spells.

I am hopeful to do this since like you said finesse is vendor trash for everyone else, so I just have to find the right one. Eventually bloodstone and finesse, but seeker on a weapon is fine for now instead of finesse.