View Full Version : Guild Improvements - It's (been) Time Already

03-28-2010, 12:13 PM
Ok, nothing really new here, but I think with the increase of new players who have seen how things work in other MMOs, including Turbine's LoTRO, it is time, or past time, some new guild features are developed AND implemented. I am sick of reading state of the game and/or third party emails that get my hopes up only to have this idea not come to fruition.

Short List:

Guild Insignia
Guild House
Guild Calendar (see below)
Guild Alliances (shared calendar for planning purposes across multiple Guilds)
Guild Bank with Guild Rank Priveleges (maybe toggle on/off extention to Alliances)
Guild Ranking and Cooresponding Abilities (larger bank, teleporters etc...)
Customizable Guild Titles

I am sure there are many others to add too, but that is at least some of the ones from other MMOs that I found useful.