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03-26-2010, 01:24 PM
So many guilds…so much to read through.

Well to simplify things I will post what I am looking for in a guild and hopefully receive feedback from guilds that have similar goals.

Relatively new to the game, recently went P2P and have two main characters I swap back and forth with (Monk(17) and Cleric(14)).

Currently I have a guild that my RL friends/family members use to keep in touch and play together. Lately we haven’t been on together too much so I am finding myself PUG’n more and more.

EST Player usually on 5-10pm weekdays and varies on weekends all depends on what I am doing with my kids.

So I am guild hunting and here is what I hope to find:

It’s a game so first and foremost I play to have FUN. I’ve got a job, so don’t need another one.

Looking for a guild that is “new player” friendly and willing to provide guidance in some of the game aspects (raids, etc). i.e show me the ropes (not looking for hand holding), help me develop my character to better suit end game content and so on.

I prefer guild that has a decent maturity level, especially within the leadership (not saying a bunch of old folks [lol, like me] but players who do not act immature at the drop of the hat)

Not looking for a HARD CORE guild. I lean closer to casual playing. I certainly have no problems with regular attendance and following a schedule, just not looking for you MUST attend every raid/event or you will be shunned.

A guild that, along with having fun, focuses on helping each other out and where guild members respect one another.

I have a sense of humor and am VERY generous with it (although I know how to keep it in check). So, looking for a guild that can appreciate it.

That’s about it.

What I have to offer is maturity (with the exception of my odd sense of humor), the willingness to learn and take advice, I enjoy helping people out, dependability and respect.

So if there are any guilds out there looking for a nutcase like me, I’d be happy to belly up the bar on my Cleric, run some stuff and see if I’m a fit.

03-26-2010, 05:01 PM
I recommend looking at the guilds websites, charters and looking for them in game to see activity level.

As alot of guilds offer the same things its a matter of grouping with them and seeing what/who you like.

CLAW Mentor Forums

And a thread here about CLAW that might of some help as well.

Good luck to you and dont take your choice lightly as we see the right guild as a stopping place not starting place.