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03-25-2010, 11:31 PM
Today we completed Shroud on Elite. Part 4 was a solid 3-rounder, and took around 6 minutes. The reason why I say that it's server second, though, is that I know Epic / Epic Fail already did an elite run a couple days ago, except my character was on timer. They apparently took pictures and stuff, but no one posted it. Today though, it's like that part in the Hitchhiker's Guide, where a UFO lands in London and it's worldwide news...while a third one landing a few hours later only makes it to the local channel. Everyone just ran for the chests like it was a regular normal run.

In retrospect though I don't think it was that hard, more of an endurance run for part 4 than anything. We had more healers than one might typically expect for a Shroud group, which I think helped in terms of having enough mana to make it to the end (and for redundancies in case of lag). I think VoD on elite was harder (tactically/strategically) because there was more opportunity to screw up when the second wave of orthons hit.

Anyhow though, I took some pictures:



I did record parts 1, 4, and 5, so I'll be sharing some data about them as I go through the videos.

03-26-2010, 09:22 AM
Well done. :)

I personally thought shroud was worse than vod on elite, but only because of dps lag lockup. We had a bit of a standstill in part 4.

03-26-2010, 04:03 PM
Nicely done! I agree with you about the endurance part of it. It wasn't really all that more difficult than a normal run, as you're concentrating all of your heavy hitters on a single target at any time. I remember part 4 and 5 being just..awful with the dps lag as well. In retrospect my group should have told the melee to step out when the blades moved in..haha.

I heard through the grapevine that the other elite run you're talking about wasn't the server first. So you may very well be the third elite completion ;)

03-28-2010, 05:45 PM
ya im not sure youre right on the counter, i wouldnt be surprised how many times its been done already....could imagine it being up in 6-7 range by now easily...
but to those of you who care about counting ill leave that to you ;)

would be cool to hear any info you gleaned from it, have only run elite through twice since they updated arak...with quite a few wipes due to lag ;(

blades on elite suck ;)
had one guy on our run saying he wanted to keep aggro and heal through blades in pt4.
lol, ya...right....

otherwise the only problem with shroud is lag. difficulty between normal/elite isnt usually that big a difference. too much twf dps and you got too many attacks per second and it lags out.
turbine should really be ashamed of releasing a product where every endgame content is so horribly coded and non-optimized like that.

03-28-2010, 05:48 PM
lol is that correct in the group?
5 healers?????????????

you went overboard man ;)
wouldve been actually easier with 3, or max 4....more dps slots.

good practice even on normal runs that i usually try to enforce is even with 2 healers, get them to learn how to do heal rotations.

overhealing = waste of resources = waste of dps power.

03-28-2010, 09:38 PM
Yeah actually it's quite possible that it's been done before, I'd have to ask around. I mean it didn't seem that bad. Certainly much easier than doing VoN epic from what I gather. I think the healers only used 3 pots. Just I haven't seen it being mentioned on the forums so thought I'd mention it, and I hadn't heard it particularly being mentioned until a week ago when they talked about doing elite shroud runs (but I was on timer so couldn't join). Lately I think we've been doing elite runs just to do it and so the "second wave" or "third wave" of players like me can see it on elite, otherwise we usually just do it on normal or hard. We did it on elite again today and I think only one person in the group mentioned that it's his first elite; I don't know for how many other people it was their first elite shroud (and a few people ddoored out so they can keep farming, so they didn't need the favor again). Nor did it seem to take many resources, at least 2 of the healers mentioned they didn't use any pots, I'm not sure about the rest.

Yes more healers means less DPS, but also means an increase in SP pool before pots are used (assuming not too much overhealing). Assuming 1 caster, having 6 DPS and 5 healers instead of 7 DPS and 4 healers means you only lose 14% DPS but gain 25% more SP. Since killing Arraetrikos is really just a (damage done / damage received) * (HP gained / SP lost) sort of equation, basically converting the healers' SP pool into damage dealt on Arraetrikos, I don't think having more healers than usual is a bad thing. Obviously though, it means more rounds in part 4 (since less DPS) so more ways to screw up, but also means they don't have to rely on pots as much. Yes they should probably take turns to decrease overhealing, I don't know if they were particularly coordinating that way though for this run (I don't think so though).

It seems like Arraetrikos on elite isn't that much worse than on normal. His DR seems to be 35 instead of 15 (I don't know why ddowiki says 90). He hits somewhat harder (around 70 damage per hit instead of around 50 damage), but his delayed blast fireballs and meteor swarms seem to do about the same amount of damage. The save you need to make is higher though, but otherwise, it's pretty similar. I would estimate that you only need about 50 HP more than you would need for normal to do elite.

The whirling blades seem to do roughly the same amount of damage, maybe slightly more, but not too bad (the spikes in part 1 are very noticeably worse though). But yeah, it seems mostly like a normal run except longer, i.e. maybe 3-5 rounds (depending on your DPS) instead of the normal 1-2 for part 4. I'll have to finish going through the video to see more in-depth stats (such as his % fort on elite compared with on normal) though.

03-29-2010, 02:07 AM
Also, when we have 5 Healers a few days ago, we did part 4 in 3 rounds, today we have 4 healers and it took 4 rounds.... so go figure.

04-01-2010, 07:42 AM
It seems like Arraetrikos on elite isn't that much worse than on normal. His DR seems to be 35 instead of 15 (I don't know why ddowiki says 90).

Yeah - I was critting for 150+ with the Rahls still, and I rarely hit for 200+ with it unless in full DPS mode. Not my ideal weapon but it took 20 seconds to switch it with the lag hehe.

The whirling blades seem to do roughly the same amount of damage, maybe slightly more, but not too bad (the spikes in part 1 are very noticeably worse though).

Around 20-30 a slice