View Full Version : Need Help with planning and creating the Human Swiss Army Suitcase of Evocation

03-25-2010, 06:30 AM
I am planning on creating a wizard that can handle the traps while providing support for the tanks. The character's race will be human. It's not that I don't want to play a War Forge or a Drow it's more to do with the character's bio and the fact that she is one in a group of three characters that are sisters, which one of the other characters is already a lvl 8 monk. I would like advice in order to maximize the potential for this character. This character will eventually be lvl 18 wizard and lvl 2 rogue. I've seen some really good suggestions with other races but it's hard to find any with the race being human. The build will be a 32-point build and five of the skills I plan to focus on are concentration, disable device, open lock, spot, and search. I will probably also focus on use magic device. Don't have any real clue as to what to get in terms of feats, stats, or enhancements except for the obvious things like the meta magic feats, a maxed intelligence, and enhancements that improve the damage of my spells. Any suggestions, links to builds already up, or builds created with the DDO Character Generator would be helpful. Thanks.

03-25-2010, 08:20 AM
Nothing wrong with human wizards.

Start with rogue, then go wizard; these builds usually take their second rogue level around 10-12.

Evasion (acquired with second rogue level) is useless without a decent reflex save; you have two options:
- decent DEX;
- Insightful Reflex feat (i.e. uses your INT modifier instead of your DEX modifier to determine your Reflex save).
Since wizards get plenty of feats, Insightful Reflex shouldn't be a problem.

Sice you are planning to go human, I'd say spend skill points for UMD: you will be able to use Raise Dead (DC 36) and Heal (DC 40) scrolls, achieving good self-healing capability and enhancing your versatility.

As for Skill Focus: UMD, multiclassing to rogue will allow you to have 23 ranks in UMD skill; hence, that feat won't probably be needed at high level. You could take it at low level and then swap it, when it's not needed anymore.

As for feats, your char is looking at 7 (lvl 20 character) + 1 human extra feat + 4 extra class feats (at lvl 1, 5, 10 and 15 wizard) = 12 feats. This build has plenty of feats to play with; just one advice: don't dump CON and get Toughness and its enhancements; nobody likes squishy casters *grins*.

03-25-2010, 10:45 AM
For stats, I would use:


I like the 2 points in strength, I see too many rays of enfeeblement to ignore. And then what Rusty_Can said ^ ^. Look around the forums, tons of words on these builds in this forum, the rogue forum, and multi-class forums.