View Full Version : Dragonheart: Recuiting

03-24-2010, 05:47 PM
Hello everyone! If anyone is interested in joining a brand new guild, come and join DRAGONHEART! We are looking for members that would like to join. We are pretty much going to be a relaxed guild. We just only have three rules to follow.

1. Treat everyone with the outmost respect, and everyone will be happy.

2. We help/recuit/quest with anyone at anytime, no matter level or class.(Unless too low level or too high level)

3. Have fun! Its just a game not life.

If you accept these rules then keep reading.

What me and Haelent(our leader) intended to do, is to make a guild that helps new players to learn how to play this game and also just give a few extra tips about this game. We also created this guild to allow players to find players that want to quest without the hassle and hours/minutes of trying to find a group. Hopefully once we get the guild gaining more members, you should have no problem finding people.

We are just looking for anyone(no matter class or level) that would like to join us. And please in advance, do not ask to be officer because we would like to get to know you first. We don't want to give the officer status to someone who does not deserve it.
Just contact me in game if you would like to join or want more information.
In game name: Ernestoo Lopez