View Full Version : Need More Level 17-19 Quest Series - New Crafting Quests? Your Ideas

03-22-2010, 06:09 PM
In some parties we were running in Amrath last night I started to toss around some ideas and I thought I would jot it down for you all to chat about. It seems like there is alittle bit of challenge with gear for newer players to go from Shroud to Amrath to Tower of Dispair Raids. Inspired quarter gear is nice for some classes that were overlooked before but is limited gear, etc. Plus it takes awhile for you to get your boot ingredients in Amrath, and some of the extra items out there help but ...

We really got talking about the lack of content in that gap (shroud - amrath) would be a great place to expand the collectables crafting system (stone of change limited crafting) already present in DDO. We really do not need any more low to mid level quests (sorry turbine but zombie pirates is cute but I really do not care unless the epic portion is a good training ground for epic quests already in game).

I am sure someone has talked about this before but as we all know current threads with lots of views and comments gets Turbines attention I wanted to refresh the topic.

So how about a quest series at say lvl 18 that uses the items we collect to expand upon the power of current armor and weapons just like we can do "some" small affects on items now. Lets expand this great system that someone put a lot of effort and time into. The quest series could easily be placed in Subterra with a drow slant (very D&Dish) or the Twelve crafting, etc.

These effects would be excellent gap fills to help empower characters and make those Tower of Dispair raids a little easier (can be debated I am sure but in pug's it is rarely up for group and even then about a 65% fail rate on the 5 I have ran). They could be exceptional stats since they are hard to get on our our shroud weapons (unless you want to loose some of the best burst or mineral benefits), and limited with the ToD rings. Also could add additional dodge bonuses, and weapon damage attributes.

I have played the game this time for 8 months and am finding the high end questing starting to get rather boring and I love the game (the lack of content made me leave last time). So give me something more to do that I can run over and over to collect items. I do not mind running a quest over and over with friends. Please turbine if you do this do not make it timer based but more like The Inspired Quarter quests series fun, unique and plenty to do!

Thank you all and add on! Just keep it fresh and on the top of the list!