View Full Version : Random Dungeons

03-22-2010, 02:05 AM
If they could add random dungeons they would be a lot of fun, especially since so many people already know most of the dungeons by heart. They could just be randomly generated "kill boss" sort of quests.
They could have one scaled for each level, maybe after 5 to 10, and have different lengths.
There could be outside areas, sewer levels, or just mazes, with enemies and traps.

there would be different enemies each time and traps in random places. It would be nice if there was some new traps, like maybe a spike pit you had to jump over, or a giant rolling ball of spikes.
also for longer ones some minibosses before the end.

they would only have to make it for one level and just add stronger creatures for all the rest

03-22-2010, 04:29 AM
I'm split on this.

On the one hand having a quest that is at least sort of new everytime you enter is great, its quite boring once you know a quest inside out.

On the other hand who wants more stupid quests? A lot of trash to push through, a random boss, a random chest, quests with an actual story, actual puzzles and so on is what differs DDO from other MMOs. (I'd rather have 1-2 or two more quests coded as great as Delerium is, than 100000ies incarnactions of the Depths of Doom/Discord etc. I kind of dislike the 4 Depths quests now already, because its the same old tunnels which just a little variation)

Personally I like the tradeoff what they've done to some of the vale quests, like Let sleeping dust lie where the location of some things randomizes or The Monestary where some traps happen to be there or not.

It would be nice, if the layout would be a little randomized like say Warrior Epic did when it was still alive, or I would like randomized explorer areas, however still with distinctive spots to explore. But honestly I believe such feats are beyond the possibilities of DDO.