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03-19-2010, 07:18 PM
Though I have played the game for quite some time, I'm relatively new to the forums and, from what I've seen thus far, seldom are suggestions posted here given any type of merit or concern.

This being said, what I consider flaws and the suggestions to improve the quality of gameplay may never be implemented, considered, or possibly even taken seriously. Furthermore, I find it quite unlikely that I am the first to address these concerns, however I have thus far been unable to find a post that is like-minded with my suggestive ideals.

1) Reincarnation System
-Lesser Reincarnation
Lesser Heart of Wood +10/+20
-Due to the grind, the unwillingness "start over", and the reluctance to simply abandon a high level character folks have invested much time in.

As far as I can tell, players have been asking for a way to correct deep character-development flaws without starting over for quite some time, and Lesser reincarnation is the closest thing that can even borderline RESEMBLE an answer to this demand. Furthermore, for those who chose a specific character development path prior to the past life feats becoming as they are now, I would like to see a better system.

Example: If you are level 20 in a single class, and would like a different past life feat than your current class, or if you simply wish to train in an entirely different discipline, you're looking at a minimum cost of 9845 Turbine points (11 lesser heart of wood+1) to make the new class the "main class" from which you recieve the past life feat, and of course, 17,900 turbine points to re-level your character to another class without true reincarnating or starting a new character. While I understand Turbine must discourage liberal character adjustments on the fly, clearly Turbine and I have different definitions of the word "reincarnation." You trained as a sorcerer, you wish to learn martial arts from a monk friend....you should not have to be reborn to do this, but as the reincarnation system is already in place, and the ability to change class levels is already introduced, can an alternative to the 10,000-18,000 turbine point price tag be brought to light?

2) PvP
Because 99% of this game is instanced, and it would be ridiculous to ask for that 99% of the game to be revamped, the easiest alternative i can find that would qualify as a suitable suggestion:

Have a server or 2 dedicated as "PvP" and simply make the wilderness areas public rather than instanced, and obviously have non-rares with a respawn timer. The cyber-bullies who love the PvP competition have a place to play outside of the taverns, and those who can't take the heat have all the original non-pvp servers to hide in. Justification for wilderness PvP is the absence of guards, and, in my experience, the easiest places to modify. Sure, there are tweaks and additional details that should be taken into consideration, hence this being listed as a SUGGESTION as opposed to a SOLUTION in answer to the demand of more pvp. I for one forsee a low level character of mine trying desperately to make it through a wilderness area to one of the instances before some level 20 in the zone finds and obliterates me... would make for much more exciting wilderness exploring.

3) Crafting - nono, I mean REAL crafting
Sure, the current crafting in many cases are worth persuing, else i would not be able to get away with posting Large greensteel ingredients for such ridiculous prices in auction and actually selling them, however I can't help notice the true lack of customization. Some folks would be sated simply by introducing dyes to change the color of equipment, while others are calling for a specific crafting system based upon character skills. The name "Dungeons and Dragons" is alot to live up to when the pen and paper legacy existed for so long, and a real crafting system quite simply brings more realism into the game.

None of the above is intended to be whining or venting, merely an effort to make suggestions that can address the demands I've encountered amongst the in-game community. I appreciate DDO for not being the stereotypical cookie-cutter game, yet at the same time, wish to see this game feel more like the "Dungeons and Dragons" many of us played 20 years before this mmo project began. I am not one to expect change overnight - but in order to prevent such a wonderful game from becoming stale, change is most certainly necessary.