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03-19-2010, 02:00 AM
Ok, so now that I have heard all of the horror stories that I did not believe were true until tonight when I finally got my dragon touched vestments. Proud of them I am, stylish looking even...well considering the choice of monk outfits...its either girly robes that make me wish I went to hogwarts instead or some funky out fit with ugly prongs protruding from the neck so when I have stone skin or bark skin on I look like some wood woad from a rejected star wars costume.

I digress, the idea of this post was not to say how ugly the clothing was but how ugly it is to needless grind for one of the better (not useless) enchantments. A way to identify the runes you pick up as a matter of fact.

With every great deed a great reward should be given...not some random lotto ticket. What I propose is, to identify what enchantment a rune would give your DT item it would take a dragon essence in the crafting device with it

Eldritch device: 1 Eldritch rune + 1 Sisbery(sp) dragon essence = identified Eldritch rune
Tempest device: 1 Tempest rune + 1 Ebberon dragon essence = identified Tempest rune
Sovereign device: 1 Sovereign rune + 1 khyber dragon essence = identified Sovereign rune

This way you would still have to grind (and spend your flagging essence) to know what it is you would put on your dragon touch. A way to prevent getting one of the so/so enchantments and putting a horrible horrible useless enchantment on it. (like the arcane/divine enchantments on a melee character.)

I think this would make Reaver's reach more popular(its got a good setting, but the down fall of it all that makes it much less worth it is just the randomness for people who get **** luck all the time) More people knowing they don't miss risking out on something great for the fear of getting something ridiculously worthless to them.

Alas, till such a thing is put in I will spend my days grinding.

03-19-2010, 02:24 AM
I don't like grinding and I agree with you that if you do need to "work extra" to get something cool, you should be able to somewhat control what you get. I'm reminded of the dwarf armorer at the end of the Sovereign Past quest. You can grind to get Adamantine Ore but you get to Choose what he makes out of it. In Necropolis you can grind to do quests to get the dusts crunched and then pick the item you prefer from the Squire. That's great. But don't make us grind for items then randomly roll for something like that.

Another peeve on this subject is chests at the end of some Raids, in particular the VoN Raid which I know a bit. I managed to finish it with my Wizard and lo and behold I draw a Delving Suit of Armor from the chest. REALLY nice armor... for another character of mine, not the Wizard at all. Unfortunately, the suit is bound to Character. I understand the need to bind it, but please just bind it to Account so that if on rare occasions we draw some really cool and rare loot from a chest, we can at least transfer the item to a character that will be able to make use of it! That way, there is less need to grind those quests with particular characters to equip them etc...

Turbine could fix these very simply by just evaluating the amount of things that need to be gathered or the binding arrangements, or give a selection (like opening a chest) instead of giving you something completely random a-la collector when players do something significant in particular zones.

I think it would make the game that much more enjoyable and less useless grinding would be needed.

03-19-2010, 03:12 AM
It's an old problem. Since it came out you either take the risk and whack every rune on in the hopes of a lucky break or you collect loads of each type and sit at the altar for 20mins holding thumbs as your collection gets depleted.

I honestly believe that if they had to put in a situation like with epic items, it would make it more popular. I.E, gather so many quest tokens and each power has a token cost.

In Refuge it wouldn't be difficult to have the random ones still there but to be able to use say your essences as a token. Turn in so many gives you a guarenteed effect.

Feather fall is 5 essences and work up from the there. (Siberys for Eldrich effects, *Whitewhateverone is for Tempest, Khyber is for Sovereign.) You then have a guarentee of getting the effect you want at no easy cost.

But, it seems they like the random-no-idea-what-you-going-to-get, so it's not looking to be changed. I don't think any of the Devs ever got a birthday present where they hoped against hopes that it would be that awesome new BMX but when they opened it up all they got was a pair of socks and pencils for school.

The first few times it's still a hype but 5 characters later and settling for +1 Con skills instead of what you wanted because you couldn't be bothered to go in there for the hundreth time, you kind of accept and move on ;)

Suggestion though, get a party or guildies to zerg through monastery and prey with you. Monastery gives you all the eldrich you need and prey gives you the tempest and ability to crunch 3 into a sov. It's quicker than flagging SoS and going through all the pain of Sorjek wipes ;) You have to have done SoS at least once though obviously to buy your armour but you have already.

EDIT: *Whitewhateverone is an Eberron Essence...I'm tired and have just woken up :p

03-19-2010, 03:32 AM
I don't think any of the Devs ever got a birthday present where they hoped against hopes that it would be that awesome new BMX but when they opened it up all they got was a pair of socks and pencils for school.

It's worse than that.

Imagine if your boss said "if you work really really hard for 6 months to a year then MAYBE you can get a bonus that's a holiday in France, but maybe it'll just be a perfume that makes people hate you." How motivated would you be?

The grind in this is so absurd that it's WORK NOT FUN. If I have average luck I can look forward to being disappointed how many times before I am likely to get anything I can even use at all for my character, much less ideal setup? I'm not even buying Reaver's Refuse pack now even though it's nice XP.

I come to gaming to get AWAY from work! lol

03-19-2010, 03:50 AM
You think if enough people report it as a bug they'll get the hint to fix it :P

I would really like to get word out to the head honcho devolpers on the honest opinions I've seen on this thread b/c this pack would become one of those 'must haves' for a lot of players (not only to make it a smidgen easier for the players who've been here longer than where most stop playing in the mid levels because those are the worst levels too high level to do the lesser quests, not high enough to do the upper quests. My example there in my experience is it took me 3 weeks to get from 13 to 14 since rarely [at least at the time] was there a group looking for anything other than a healer.)

When something becomes a 'must have' it makes the company money, money inspires, with more money coming in from one pack that had a sudden boost in popularity not only would the players be happy but so would the developers that A.) look at income..$5 worth of points multiplied by 300k people (much more than that would eventually grow as word spreads of the benefits of such an item) B.) Their work would be appreciated. That does a lot for encouragement right there (as a contractor for tile flooring) When people say "Hey, this is an great lay out you've put in my home, thank you." you can't help but to smile.

Personally, I think the developers have done an awesome job with the settings, sure consistent non-battle music would be great but when they do put music in, it's mood setting. But looking at the graphics and design they portray what it is needed for the theme of the area with unsurpassed excellence.